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Facebook Applications

Connect to the Internet and you will instantly have access to the easiest way to reach others: Social Media. Actually, when talking about the ever-changing Information Technology Environment and all its different branches, it is safe to say that Social Media is actually a whole different and separate environment within the larger IT one. Different rules apply to it but one thing is for sure: it’s the subject of constant changes and evolution. Facebook is no exception to this rule so let’s see what are some of the recent changes made to this platform regarding its Apps, what are the most popular types of apps, and how we can help you with taking advantage of this marketing opportunity.

There are many types of Facebook apps and choosing the right one is an important task as it will impact your company directly. For some potential clients, the app will be the initial and only connection they will have with your company.

Click here to see some of the Apps we provide

  • Fashion and Trends
  • Utility
  • Trivia and Quizzes
  • Reminders
  • Causes
  • Social Campaigns
  • Gifts
  • Fund Raisers

When creating an App for you, we always keep the following in mind:

  • The app has to be engaging and unique
  • Its design has to be eye pleasing and not overly complex
  • It has to be in tune with your brand both socially and commercially

New Apps for Artists and Companies

Your company or band depending if you are an entrepreneur or an artist will now be easily recognizable due to the addition of the Timeline. One of its advantages is that it offers you the chance to post a relevant photo that immediately catches attention and puts your band or brand on display.

Starting this March you will also be able to add Booking, Mailing List or Schedule buttons under your photo by using new Timeline apps. These make getting and staying in touch with clients or fans a much simpler and enjoyable process for both parts and you can find all of them in the Developers Global portfolio.

Recent Changes to Facebook Apps

With the future of Facebook development being somewhat an uncertain one in terms of Applications, the first day of February 2012 came with a significant beneficial change. It was the day when developers had to say goodbye to Facebook App Profile Pages. Even though they looked very similar to the conventional Facebook pages, the Application Profile pages created automatically were actually different because of the APIs, Insights and distribution channels. Over time these differences become clearer and were the source of many issues so action needed to be taken.

Of course, the admins of all the Application Profile Pages were notified and given the chance to transfer all their likes through a migration process. This process was restricted only to likes though, so for the content part, admins had to save all the material that they had stored on the App page including photos, Insights and posts. Once the migration process was started, there was no turning back.

Now, as far as new Apps are concerned, a Profile Page isn’t generated automatically anymore. Developers now have the opportunity to choose whether they want to Create a Facebook Page or not. The removal of the App Profile Pages was a great change for Developers and Companies alike. As it is now, all the traffic that used to go to the profile pages is now sent to the Application directly. We were really happy to see this change come along since it meant more traffic and exposure to our clients using Facebook Apps.

Once integrated, Facebook Apps will be accessible directly below your Timeline’s cover photo. Since that’s the first place users visit, your Apps will surely catch their attention instantly.