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Wi-Fi technology to be improved in the near future

Hardware advancements aren’t the only ones happening in the current IT world as software development is also catching up. As it turns out, a group of researchers from at the N. Carolina University have come up with a new type of software that will effectively boost the performance of wireless connections.

The software development team of North Carolina named their product “WiFox” and they’re not afraid to brag about its capabilities. They say that they’ve effectively created a virtual “traffic cop” that’s able to monitor all data exchange and give priority to more urgent requests. In a nutshell, what this means is that WiFox will secure a smooth and continuous flow of data boosting traffic speeds by a considerable margin.

For example, when tested within a 25 people network the WiFox was able to boost performance and speed by over 400%. This is definitely nothing to scoff at but it gets even better. The same software was able to boost speed and performance by over 700% in a 45 people network.

Even so, the main benefit of WiFox is that it isn’t a hardware solution, it’s a software development one. This means that it can be easily integrated into any existing Wi-Fi network boosting its capabilities through the roof. WiFox is still in its early development stages but by the end of the year the team will put together a complete paper on its capabilities and will present it at the CoNEXT conference in Nice. Stay tuned for more updates !

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