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  • Watch out Software Developers! The Smartwatch is coming

Watch out Software Developers! The Smartwatch is coming

After over a year of rumors and speculations, we can now rest assured that we will have Smartwatches on our wrists in the near future. On the 4th of September Samsung will finally announce its “not so long awaited” Smartwatch dubbed “Galaxy Gear”.

Of course, if you’ve been watching the IT world closely then you probably saw this coming a mile away. I, for one, sure did. Since the beginning of 2013, Tech giants hinted that they will engage in a fierce battle for your wrist and Samsung is about to strike first, or maybe not.

Old, yet still new, especially for software development

The reason why I am saying that maybe won’t strike first is because the Smartwatch is really nothing new. Attempts at wrist-worn devices have already been made by other companies such as Sony. The Pebble for iPhone and Android is also a valid candidate.

However, none of these devices truly incorporated mobile technology and everything that mobile operating systems have to offer. This is the main goal of Samsung and I dare say, Apple also. Because the Smartwatch is considerably smaller than a Smartphone, the first challenge is to try and fit everything the larger device has to offer into such a small package.

Galaxy Gear

After a quick look at the Samsung patent filling it’s easy to understand that this is exactly what they’re trying to do, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The Galaxy Gear is planned to be able to send and receive phone calls, SMS messages, E-mail messages and to keep track of personal information.

Even if attempts at Smartwatches have already been made, the fact that these new ones will feature Android and iOS is what gives them the novelty factor.

They will probably cause quite a stir in the software development world also, as mobile applications will have to be built specifically for them. We will be closely watching the development of these devices so if you have any idea regarding an application for them, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Your move, Apple

Now, some of you may wonder why Samsung is rushing the development and release of Galaxy Gear. Well, the answer is really simple. The “quantified self” trend is going strong so Smartwatches and inevitable.
Because of this, Samsung is trying to get some traction and get ahead of the competition. Apple is said to be the next to join the race but Google and Microsoft aren’t far behind also. How this will play out, remains to be seen but at least we know one thing for sure: Galaxy Gear is coming and it might be really good.

As always, don’t hesitate to leave your comments below and if you get a Samsung Smartwatch, remember to come back here and leave us some feedback on the device. We will greatly appreciate it.

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