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The three most common mistakes made by Software Development Companies

This Blog has been on a positive note so far with me presenting all the latest software development advancements and some methodologies. Well, this time around I will mix it up a little and offer you something with a negative twist to it. Don’t worry, it’s a form of constructive criticism which makes it positive either way. So without further ado, here are what we at Developers Global see as the most common mistakes that other software development companies make.

1. Being scared to make important decisions

Important decisions have to be made all throughout the software development or mobile programming process. Managers have to stay on their toes and alter the course of the project the way they see fit from its infancy until it becomes a finished product.
However, sometimes this means drastically changing the predefined software development process or making changes within the programming team. Unfortunately, not all project managers will be able to handle this kind of responsibility.

2. Ignoring client feedback

The agile software development methodology strongly advocates building a solid client – company professional relationship. This is essentially based on two things: complete transparency offered by the software development company and constant client feedback based on the progress made.
Still, there are times when even if these two requirements are met, the developers simply ignore client feedback for various reasons. Sometimes it’s laziness, sometimes it’s commodity and sometimes it’s because “they know better”. Well, even if this last argument may prove to be true, the client will still be the last one to judge the end product. This makes his feedback throughout the software development or mobile programming process essential.

3. Believing that more working hours equal improved productivity

This can be true sometimes but only to some extent. Also, when it comes to extra hours there is a thin line between the right number and overdoing it. Software Development and mobile programming are both intellectually strenuous so from the productivity point of view, there is nothing worse than a tired or bored programmer or designer.
So, the question remains, what exactly boosts productivity ? Well, there is no precise answer to this but motivation through intelligent leadership certainly helps a lot. Also, this is a surefire way to spark the creativity of your programmers which can really improve your end product results.

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