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  • The race for one million Apps is over!

The race for one million Apps is over!

You know what they say, the first million is the hardest. Well, even though there are four main operating systems in the mobile software development world, the “one million Apps race” was ran just by two of them.

Actually, iOS and Android were so ahead of the curve that even if you summed up the BlackBerry and Windows Mobile App markets, the number of Apps still wouldn’t exceed Android or iOS.

So, with only two competitors left in race a fierce fight ensued. Well, after a turn of events that would have seemed unlikely two years ago, Android finally crossed the finish line earlier this month.

Eat your heart out, Apple

On the 24th of July at an event held in San Francisco, the Android product development VP Hugo Barra declared that Google Store is currently offering over a million apps to its users.

The first thing that popped into my mind when I heard about this were the famous Apple keynote presentations held by Steve Jobs were he would brag about how many apps were created and the number of downloads. Well, it seems like Tim Cook has to come up with a different strategy for his keynotes because he no longer has the bragging rights when it comes to App Markets.

Or, he could just stick to the statistics that clearly favor Apple, throw some cool pie charts in and be done with it. This is what they have done for years anyway. Even so, it’s also true that Apple has hit the 900,000 apps mark in June (this also includes 380,000 apps optimized for the iPad) so even if they have lost the “one million Apps race”, these numbers are nothing to scoff at.

In the end, no matter what camp you are rooting for and what team comes on top, the best part of this race is that there are two clear winners: software development and you, the user.

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