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The Developers Global App Contest

This is your chance to win $5000 !

There is no arguing that innovation is one of the most important things within the IT landscape. It is highly sought after and unfortunately rarely found but nevertheless, it’s the spark that sets the evolution engine back in motion every time it dwindles.

Creating smart and useful mobile applications clearly requires innovation and because it seems like this can be hard to come by these days, we have decided to offer an incentive to all software developers out there in the form of $5000. Of course, some effort will be required from your part if you want to win such a large sum of money.

To be more precise, you will have to win the App contest that we will organize 6 months from now. Anyone is free to enter and the only thing required for registration is an application or at least an idea for an excellent one. If you don’t have the programming skills to create applications on your own but you still want to compete in the app contest you will have to formulate an idea for new groundbreaking software and present it to us in a way that will capture our attention and convince us that you’re the one deserving the prize.

Stay tuned and check back here for more information about this competition !

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One Response to “The Developers Global App Contest”

  1. Hey Jonathon!

    Just to answer your question: in approx 6 months from the date of the post of course! Additionally you can navigate to: http://www.developersglobal.com/app-contest/ there you can see a realtime countdown which displays the time left to apply ;=)

    • Flashliner - CEO, Developers Global