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  • Tech and Software Development Services to follow in 2013

Tech and Software Development Services to follow in 2013

The new year is upon us and by the looks of it, it’s going to be a very busy one tech-wise. Right now there are several technological trends and software development advancements that are either just starting out or already flourishing. Make no mistake, at some point these will have the potential to impact your business in a positive or negative way so the best thing to do at the moment is to stay sharp and keep an eye out on all the latest developments.

1. 3D Printing

Even though there are some well established companies producing 3D printers, this technology is still new and under heavy development. In case you haven’t seen any of the stuff that can be made with 3D printing, just take a tour on YouTube and I guarantee you that you will be amazed.
Not so long ago 3D printers used to cost over $20,000 making them unaffordable to small or medium sized businesses. However, nowadays you can get one for around $3000 and there are even companies that provide 3D printing equipment for domestic uses.

2. Biometrics

There is no security like Biometric Security. Recognizing users by their facial traits or voice has been around for quite some time now and it seems like in 2013 it will evolve even more. There is no doubt that it is a much more safer than the good ol’ passwords as there is no way a hacker could imitate the iris of your eye for example.

3. Television Apps

As Tim Cook said, right now when turning on the TV most of us feel like we’ve been catapulted 20 years back in time. Well, this is about to change soon enough with the introduction of Television Apps.
The whole TV upgrading trend has started years ago as many of us watch TV only on our Xbox or through Netflix but in 2013 this trend will finally hit its peak. Keep your eyes peeled for advertising opportunities through television apps. After all, everyday commercials are sooo yesterday right now.

4. Design will become even more simplistic

What was started by Apple years ago with their minimal approach to device design, applications development and software development services will continue in 2013. Actually, Apple’s arch enemy Microsoft has already picked up the baton with the release of Windows 8.
The tiles provide a very simple interface that’s easy to use and that doesn’t look half bad. Moreover, in case you didn’t notice, YouTube’s redesign is along the same line and even Skype has adhered to it.

5. Outages Will cause more problems

This includes both power and internet outages. The problem is that the World Wide Web really is an immense World Wide Web right now and there are countless sites liked together and dependant on one another. This means that if one goes down, it can potentially hurt the others.
Think of Facebook for a moment and the “Like” button. If any problem occurs, it will leave its mark on all the Facebook CMS pages that are dependent on the “Like” button for their fain database.