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Software Development sayings and excuses to watch out for

Out of all the industries, IT is definitely the last one that you would expect slang from. Software Development engineers, programmers or project managers aren’t really known for their “gangster” side. Still, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any phrases that Software Development workers use which have hidden meanings known only by the select few from the programming order.

To save you some trouble on the long run, here are some of the expressions commonly used in Software Development and their actual meanings.

“It runs perfectly on my machine!”
Translation: There is probably something wrong with it but I’m too lazy to check it out now.

This is a common software development excuse used by many to put the blame on their machines. After all, computers can’t really fend for themselves.

“It will be done tomorrow.”
Translation: It will be done in at least a week and I need one more day to come up with a better excuse.

This one is truly a classic and almost everybody working in the software development industry has used it at least once. Watch out for this one especially if time isn’t a luxury that you can afford.

“I’ve just started compiling.”
Translation: I’m not in a working mood right now.

This is another one that you should watch out for if time is of the essence. The thing is that even if the code is compiling, the “break” will be much longer than the compiling process.

“The code is unstructured and hard to work with.”
Translation: Only my code is structured, readable and easy to work with.

This excuse is mostly used by programmers when they take too long to finish a certain task or if they have to work with other programmers that they see as direct competition.

Have you tried shutting it down and turning it back on ?
Translation: I have no idea what’s wrong with it and at the moment my plan is hoping for divine intervention.

This is truly a classic and no list of software development sayings would be complete without it. There is no shame in admitting it, we have all used it at least once in our lives. Caution: aside from “I have no idea what’s going on”, this is the best indicator for cluelessness.

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