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Software Development in the Cloud

In many cases, the quality of the software development end product is directly dependant on the amount of resources available throughout the software development process. Even if computing power is on a constant upswing, unfortunately so are the prices that come with it. Just like pretty much anything nowadays, virtual power and real estate are also offered at increasingly higher prices.

Still, what used to be a generic catchphrase not so long ago, has slowly transformed into a flicker of light for many software development companies that were after simultaneous cost effectiveness and efficiency. I am of course talking about Cloud Computing. We are proud to say that here at Developers Global “the Cloud” is not only just another IT term but also a dependable software development tool. For example, when it comes to Site platform and engineering, putting together a successful portal can be a difficult and expensive task. This is where IaaS providers like Amazon come in handy.

Not utilizing the software development tools offered by Cloud providers equals a wasted opportunity to take advantage of a safer, faster and overall better software development environment. We are living in a world where the price tag is often the deciding factor. This is precisely why the Cloud has become such a popular hosting, storing and software development environment. Its main asset comes from its “pay per use” model. To put it simply, you are paying for the exact number of resources that you are using. There are no up front payments and nothing goes to waste.

Also, everything happens in real time which means that new instances can be initiated as soon as they’re needed. Another asset of Cloud software development is the complete management over testing environments. Once a product gets past the software development stage and is ready to be tested, the Cloud can be used to simulate any environment needed.

Last but definitely not least, the Cloud also offers a much more secure environment for software development. Cyber security solutions need to be implemented only once in order to assure complete protection as opposed to individual installation for each end point user. All these assets put together make Cloud Computing one of the software development tools of choice.

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