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Samsung Unpacked

Only one week remains until the “Samsung Unpacked” show in New York. On the 14th of March at 7 pm EST, the world will finally be able to gaze upon the new products of the South Korean company.

Are you ready 4 the Galaxy S4 ?

Most of the hype created around the Unpacked event was due to the rumors and speculations about the uncovering of the next generation Samsung Galaxy S phone. Well, all these rumors proved to be true and we can now rest assured that on the 14th of March Samsung will reveal its new flagship device.

This is clearly hinted in the title of the event “ Ready 4 the Show” by replacing “for” with a number. By releasing its new device this month, Samsung is clearly trying to steal the limelight from the Mobile World Congress. This is even more certain as the Korean company has elected not to be part of the MWC event this year.

Geared 4 Mobile Development Performance

There are a lot of leaked pictures out there hinting to what the S4 might actually look like. The assumed shapes vary greatly so for now, nothing is certain as far as design goes. However, in the performance department, things are pretty clear, and it’s not looking bad at all. The S4 will make you feel like you have a fully fledged desktop computer in the palm of your hands.

Here is what to expect from it:

– 2.0 GHz Exynos Quad-Core CPU
– Android 4.2.1
– 13 MP Rear Camera
– 2 MP Front Camera
– 4.99 Inch Display with SuperAMOLED FULL HD 1080×1920 resolution

There is no doubt that the display capabilities of the phone will be excellent. The S4 will have a 440 ppi density. That’s almost 120 ppi more than what the iPhone 5 has, and we can all agree that iPhone’s display is great as it is.

Software Development Extras

The Galaxy S4 will also include two new great features resulted from smart and efficient mobile development. One of them is Visa PayWave which will allow users to pay in stores through Near Field Communication (NFC). The other is Knox and it promises to make Samsung phones more secure so that users will be able to run business apps with no risks and at the same time save all personal data on the device.
This being said, the S4 really seems like a device worth waiting for so hang in there one more week. As always, feel free to leave your comments below and check back for updates on the mobile development environment.

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