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  • Samsung Galaxy S4 or why Apple needs to step up its Mobile Development

Samsung Galaxy S4 or why Apple needs to step up its Mobile Development

Well, they did it again. After a long waiting period and a lot of speculations, the Galaxy S4 is finally here and it’s one of the best devices that mobile development has seen. Frankly, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Samsung this year because I didn’t think that they could come up with something new and exciting. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that they’re not capable of doing so, it’s just that being innovative on today’s market is a hard thing and most Smartphone manufacturers simply choose to upgrade specs and call it innovation.

Galaxy S4, Apple’s worst nightmare

First of all let’s start with the specs of this phone and we’ll get into its “nightmarish” features later. The list below isn’t really a surprise but one thing is for sure: it creates the perfect environment for mobile development as it will be able to run high class, complex mobile applications. Our software development team is already salivating.

The Galaxy S4
Display: 441 ppi, 4.99 inch, 1080x1920p
Processor: Quad-Core 1,9 GHz (Octa-Core 1,6 GHz version also available soon)
Storage: 16/32/64 GB
OS: Android 4.2.2
Connectivity: Wi-Fi / GPS / NFC / Bluetooth / Infrared
Camera: 13 MP
Baterry: 2600 mAh
Weight: 130g

This is how the smartest Smartphone on the market today looks like. It’s more powerful than desktop computers were 4-5 years ago and it fits in the palm of your hand. Did I mention it can also measure temperature, humidity and air pressure ? Still, even if these are specs to die for, the great thing about it it’s not the hardware, but the excellent mobile development effort that has gone into it.

And speaking about mobile development, there is a certain company in Cupertino, California that’s been severely lacking in this department for over 2 years now.

Why Apple needs to stop slacking and start innovating again

There is no doubt that Samsung and even Microsoft were the only mobile development innovators of 2012. At the moment, Apple is simply playing catch-up and it’s almost failing at that also. Truth be told, it’s not like Samsung has revolutionized the mobile market or anything, but they’ve constantly come up with nice touches that add up and offer a more enjoyable mobile experience. Here are some of them:

Near Field Communication (NFC)
This makes file transfer a breeze and Samsung is now using this technology for other purposes like multiplayer gaming or synchronizing music players…( headphone dance parties anyone ?)

Air View/ Air Gestures
Now you don’t have to actually touch the phone in order to interact with it. Air Gestures can be used for focusing and for scrolling. This may sound redundant but it really comes in handy. Just like hovering with the mouse pointer for more information without having to click the source and go back.

Smart Pause/ Smart Scroll
With Smart Pause, the phone pauses a video when you look away and resumes it when you look at the screen again. Smart Scroll is scrolling by tilting the phone.

Wireless Charging
Wireless Charging by placing it on a special Pad.

Drama Shot / Sound Shot / Dual Camera Shot
Store a sequence of photos in a single frame to create a collage. Take pictures with sound. Take pictures using both cameras at the same time.

S Health
A great tool that scans your surroundings using the built-in sensors and tells you about potential health hazards. It’s also a great exercise tool and weight watcher.

Adapt Sound/ Adapt Display
The Galaxy S4 can customize the sound equalizer and display options according to your hearing and eyesight.

There is no way Apple executives can look at a list like this and not feel alarmed especially since these aren’t the only improvements that the Galaxy S4 has received. Couple them with the fact that the S4 will also come in an eight core version and you’ve got yourself a monster capable of scaring even the most devoted Apple fanboy.

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