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Project Glass – The Wearable Computers

Are you tired of those pesky glasses that you need to wear everywhere ? Are you blind as a bat without them ? Do you feel like they’re hampering your style ? Well, if at least one of the above is true then I’ve got some good news for you: not only will glasses be cool in the near future but they will also transform you from a tender-eyed human into a super-being.

I suspect that most of you reading this are quite puzzled by the paragraph above. It doesn’t really resemble anything that has to do with software development or professional web design does it ? Now, before you close your browser, here is what I was actually talking about.

What is Project Glass ?

“Project Glass” is the next big thing from Google. They are currently working on a pair of “glasses” that you will be able to connect to your Android Smartphone or to your iPhone. They will also work as a standalone device since Google’s main goal is to make them powerful enough to operate without any help from peripherals.

The Google Glasses will feature a special kind of transparent AMOLED or LCD display instead of lenses, that will put the user interface directly in front of your eyeballs. Scrolling and navigating through the interface will be done by simply tilting your head and if we were to take Google’s word on this, it seems like this is something quite easy to master.

What are the specs and features ?

The glasses will be equipped with a camera, a flash, GPS, will run Android and will also feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. The goal is to deliver augmented reality using information about the user’s surroundings along with user input. There is no doubt about the potential of this technology even though it’s still in development phase. Remember Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator and how he could see additional information about the outside world ? Who knows, maybe at some point we will also be able to do that.

Another interesting thing about these glasses is that they will also use voice input and output. “Well, what’s so interesting about that ?” you may ask. Well, allow me to retort. While integrating a small microphone isn’t such a big deal, sound will be reproduced through bone induction. This means that your skull will vibrate in order to induce sound to your inner ear. If you are already having nightmares about your skull vibrating like it does on a Saturday night in a loud club, don’t worry, it’s nothing like that. Last but not least, Google is also working on designs that will incorporate normal lenses take from your normal glasses so that you won’t have to wear two sets of specs.

Are these real ?

Some of the features above may seem Sci-Fi but we assure you that they’re real. Technology and software development has come a long way and will go even further. Google stated that they plan on releasing the glasses by the end of 2014. They will cost around 750$. This isn’t really a large sum but you can start saving already. As always, feel free to drop us a line below with your thoughts on the project.

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