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No Flash for you, Jelly Bean! NEXT!

First of all, props to anyone that has recognized the quote in the title. You’ve got great taste in comedy if you did. Now back to the matter at hand, namely software development and one of Adobe’s flagship products – Flash. Nowadays you can’t really mention it without automatically bringing up the late Steve Jobs in the discussion also.
Some people call him one of the great visionaries of our time and it seems like he was right yet again when he decided to leave Flash out of iOS. He has always complained about it and especially its stability. Well, the Grim Reaper is getting ever closer to Flash as Google has also decided to leave it out of Android 4.1.
Some people say this was the logical move and that it was about time this happened while others (Flash software development aficionados mainly) still find Steve Jobs as the main culprit for Google’s decision to scrape Flash Player off its mobile devices.

Also, if you are involved in software development and hoping for continuous support for the latest version of Android through Google Play Store, well you are in for a surprise. All new devices running Jelly Bean will be shipped without Flash Player and installing it through the Play Store will be impossible if you’ve bought one of the above mentioned smartphones or tablets.

This means that there are only two possible ways to have Flash Player on your terminal: by already running one of the preceding versions of Android and having it installed or by downloading it from the Play Store onto your device, this of course if you aren’t using one of the new tablets or smartphones which are restricted from getting it. Eventually, it will also be brought down from the Play Store, there is no doubt about it.

Future isn’t looking bright for Flash Player and for Flash software development but you know what they say “It ain’t over until the fat lady sings”. There is still some hope since desktop versions of websites still need Flash Player and there are a lot of them. However, even if the fat lady isn’t screaming her lungs out just yet, she is quietly chanting Flash’s dirge.

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