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New iOS6 Features that you didn’t know about

After its launch on the 12th of September, many people, myself included, stated that the iPhone 5 is more of a software upgrade rather than one based on new hardware and design innovations. This is true to a large extent, but even if hardware and looks are very similar, at least Apple fans get to enjoy some really cool new features that were included in the Cupertino company’s latest mobile operating system.

It still surprises me that there are many iPhone users out there not knowing about some of the best additions to iOS 6. It’s a shame really, that’s why I have decided to list the ones that I find the coolest and most useful. So, grab your iPhones and start reading carefully.

Better Facebook Integration

This was a long awaited change by many iPhone users as almost all of us have a Facebook account. Finally, just like with Twitter, you can post photos on Facebook directly from your gallery and you can also post status updates from the notification center. Moreover, you can even sync your contacts with your list of Facebook friends.


Applications development was always one of Apple’s strong points and they’ve really hit the nail on the head again with Passbook. This nifty new application is able to scan all your coupons, gift certificates or gift cards and store them into your phone. Next time at Starbucks you won’t keep people waiting while you desperately search for your coupons. All you will have to do is open Passbook and enjoy your free beverage.

Improved Privacy

Privacy is really something that I cannot seem to have enough of, especially when it comes to software development services and applications offered by some third party companies marketing their products through the App Store. The new iOS 6 offers some excellent new privacy settings which allow you to better customize App access to photos, contacts, calendar or to your location. You can even block all incoming calls except really important ones.

Better Siri

Unlike many women, Siri now actually listens to you. You can command it to launch new applications and even if this might not seem that great at first, if you have a lot of Apps installed on your phone it will be easier to start them using Siri as you won’t have to search first. Siri will also tell you about all the latest sports scores and even book a table reservation faster and more accurately. All you have to do is ask.

Interface tweaks

There are many simple changes to native Apps that will make your life easier and here are some of the most useful ones. You will now finally be able to wake up to a song rather than to one of your ringtones. Just pick one out of your library. There is also a new equalizer setting: “Late Night” which will lower bass levels so that you can fall asleep faster. Pull down to refresh gesture was finally integrated also. No more reload button spamming, just swipe down. Last but not least, there are a ton of new Emoji for all you SMS lovers out there.

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