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Android Jelly Bean – coming to a Smartphone near you

Ice Cream has always been one of my favorite tasty treats and with Google’s help, for the first half of the current year I was also able to enjoy a “slightly” different type of it on my Smartphone in the form of Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

No doubt ICS was a step forward for Google as it came with an improved design, intuitiveness and it also put an end to all the glitches that its predecessor annoyed us with. Well, it’s only been fifteen days since Google’s annual software development conference and the next Android release is already starting to make its way to phones and tablets alike. I’m talking about the 4.1 Jelly Bean version of course.

Even if Android wasn’t really known for its stability when compared to Apple and their iOS, at least one thing is for sure: the team in charge of mobile application development at Google isn’t wasting any time. Now let’s have a look at what these busy bees were up to.

The first thing that you are going to notice when using Jelly Bean is the improved virtual keyboard which has an enhanced accuracy at predicting typed words. That’s right, no more jokes about “dictionary” fails. Also, the viewing functionalities have been improved and photo sharing was made a whole lot easier. Google Search was also redesigned for faster and more accurate results and, for those of you that enjoy customizing your phone, with Jelly Bean you benefit from significantly more options of tweaking your home screen.

Least but not least, this new Android version offers us the opportunity to create faster and more catchy applications that look better and are easier to use.