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  • Major Update to Windows Phone 7.8 Next Year

Major Update to Windows Phone 7.8 Next Year

After their successful release of Windows 8, Microsoft has decided to turn to mobile devices once again and show some love to their mobile operating system. And I’m not even talking about Windows Phone 7.8 here, which is still in development phase by the way. What I am actually talking about is Windows Phone 8 which will be launched in February next year and will most likely go by the name of “Apollo Plus”.

That’s right, you’ve heard it first here on the Developers Global Blog, the only place where you can find out about software updates to operating systems that aren’t even in use yet. So anyway, enough bragging, let’s see what are some of the most interesting software development updates included in the upcoming Windows Phone 7.8 and 8.

Well, one of the rumors which slowly became a certainty is that 7.8 will come with a significant design update. Tiles will become much more flexible and will come with a resizing option. Also, users will get to choose from a wider range of colors and themes. All in all, the start menu will be much more appealing and customizable which is exactly what the Windows Phone operating system needed in my opinion. Aside from this, there is very little additional information regarding the 7.8 version.

However, when it comes to the Apollo Plus version, I have a lot more to tell you. First of all, it will most likely include OTA (Over the Air) updating. For those of you that don’t know what this is, it’s a technology that enables wireless carriers to update and manage SIM cards without being physically connected to them. This is great especially because it eliminates the need to reissue them.

The other great news is that Windows Phone 8 will also bring VPN (Virtual Private Network) support. This means that your mobile device will act like a PC and that you will be able to connect to private networks such as the one in your school or company. Of course, this offers you unlimited sharing potential.

Last but not least, Windows Phone 8 will also feature some audio updates that will improve sound quality and some Wi-Fi enhancements that will allow wireless connections to always remain active. All in all, things are looking great. Now if they would only make the phones look better and flashier, they would surely get a bigger chunk of the market share.

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