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iPhone 5

The new iPhone to be presented this September

This fall dig up your savings and get ready to do some shopping and showing off because the latest version of Apple’s number one product will be coming to a store near you. Have you saved enough ?

Rumors spread like wildfire over the internet this current week predicting that Apple will showcase the iPhone 5 as well as a smaller version of the iPad on the 12th of September. When I first learned about this I was somewhat reserved and didn’t give into all the hype. However, when I saw that more and more serious sources are backing up iMore’s report, my inner kid took over and I thought to myself ” Great! Christmas in September”.

Normally Apple has a strict rule of only one product upgrade per year and since the 4S was released in October last year, these rumors could be somewhat inaccurate. Even so, what we’re talking about here is a maximum 2 – 3 weeks margin of error so if you are a tech aficionado, get ready to fork up some cash.

Also, for all the mobile software development experts out there, get ready to play with a brand new App powerhouse that will offer great mobile programming opportunities as it will be fitted with the upcoming iOS 6.

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