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iPhone 5 is out !

After much anticipation the iPhone 5 was finally revealed. Apple fans can now put a stop to all the speculations and guesses about spec, size, characteristics and all new features. The secrets are out!

However, as it is easy to see that the new iPhone 5 is more of an evolutionary device than a revolutionary one, the questions remaining are “Was it worth the wait?” and “Will the iPhone 5 enable Apple to regain their spot at the top of the mobile industry again ?” Consumers will come up with their own personal answers to the first question and as far as the second one goes, only time will tell. Still, one thing is for sure: Apple will rule the holiday sales again.

At a first glance, the all new iPhone 5 design isn’t so “all new” after all. Actually, it could be easily mistaken for an iPhone 4 or 4S if viewed from a slight distance. However, as you pick it up you will notice that it is both lighter and slimmer than its predecessors. This kind of improvements are always welcome but nearly all iPhone users were hoping for something much more different. Apple could have even burrowed design ideas from various fans. Some of the models they came up with were quite eye-catching and this is what Apple products are all about.

The new A6 chip that the iPhone 5 comes with is over 20% smaller and two times faster. This is indeed excellent news as it also enables for much faster graphics and a smoother experience when it comes to mobile applications. The display has also been upgraded. The iPhone 5 comes with a brand new 4 inch Retina display of 326ppi and 1136×640 resolution. The camera is an 8 megapixel one but it’s 25% smaller and takes photos at almost twice as fast as the one on the 4S.

In the connectivity department, as expected, the main improvement is the addition of the 4G LTE technology. This enables for excellent video calls and a much faster browsing experience. Theoretically, the iPhone 5 could even reach downloading speeds of 100 Mb/s. Now, as we all know 4G can really be a battery hog. Still, Apple claims that the iPhone 5 is capable of offering eight continuous hours of 4G surfing.

Last but not least there is also the iOS 6 transition. This brings about may improvements such as VIP Mail, Safari fullscreen Mode and the Notification Center. All in all the iPhone 5 brings many improvements over the 4S but nothing spectacular. I just can’t shake the feeling that it simply misses that “X Factor” needed to guarantee it long term success.

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