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iOS 7 Essential New Features

After much anticipation, impatience and speculation iPhone and iPad users finally got to see what their future Operating System will look like. The new Apple software development product was presented during the World Wide Developers Conference and it didn’t fail to impress.

To some of you the new Operating System will look strangely familiar, especially if you’ve also used an Android device at some point. While it’s true that Apple have copied some features that were made popular by their sworn enemies, they’ve also introduced some cool new stuff of their own and completely changed the design: iOS is now “flat”.

Some would argue that this move was also inspired by the competition and I have no choice but to agree. After all, hipster Windows, Skype, YouTube and Chrome went flat before it was cool. So anyway, besides the design change, let’s see what the other notable iOS 7 novelties are.

Notification Menu

The new Notification Menu is available straight from the lock screen and will offer iOS users valuable information about upcoming events, appointments, new mail messages and even weather updates.


iOS 7 brings multi-tasking to a whole new level: every single application enjoys multi-tasking now. Furthermore, apps will now be able to interact with the operating system and between them. You will be able to switch between running apps by using the new multi-tasking API. Also, iOS will keep track of the apps you use the most and will keep them running in the background.

New Gallery and Camera Features

Your Gallery will now be connected directly to iCloud and you will be able to easily upload pictures for safe-keeping. As you upload them you will be able to generate a customized timeline which will take you down memory lane in style. Also, photo sharing has become a whole lot easier between iCloud users.

The new camera feature is called “square mode” and it instantly reminded me of Instagram. Basically, when you take a picture in square mode, the picture will be automatically framed and ready to be uploaded to the photo sharing website. Nothing revolutionary here but I have a feeling that we will see more improvements to the camera with the new iPhone will be launched.


No big software development changes here but they’re all notable and will make for an improved user experience. The mobile browser is now faster and features a new interface which displays tab as rotating tiles. Parental Controls have also been improved and your passwords are now saved directly into iCloud Keychain.

Control Center

The new Control Center is basically exactly what you get on an Android device if you do a pull-down gesture from the top so it’s no real software development breakthrough. It’s a settings menu which includes Wi-Fi, Brightness controls, Bluetooth, Sound Controls, Mobile Data, etc. The only difference is that you access it by dragging from the bottom.


Siri has been considerably improved also. It will support new languages and will be connected directly to Wikipedia, Twitter and Bing. It will also be able to access phone settings and run tasks like adjusting Brightness or turning on Wi-Fi. New driving options are also coming up and a brand new male voice for all you female users.

iTunes Radio

In short, a new radio streaming application that’s free and aimed at discovering new music. iTunes subscribers won’t be bothered by advertisements.

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