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  • Internet Explorer 10 – A software development Rocky story

Internet Explorer 10 – A software development Rocky story


Let me take a wild guess here: you aren’t reading this using Internet Explorer, am I right ? I hope I’m right because if I’m wrong it means you’ve been struggling with a subpar web browser for quite some time now and you weren’t even aware of it. As far as software development goes, Internet Explorer isn’t really among Microsoft’s hit projects though it certainly had its popularity peaks.

Still, going from being the number one browser to mediocre usage and eventually ending up as ” the browser that people use in order to download other browsers ” wasn’t really what the guys at Microsoft were expecting from their software development offspring.

However, with the upcoming release of Windows 8, Internet Explorer will get its chance to redeem itself and make up for all the past disappointments. Whether it will succeed or not, remains to be seen but there is no doubt that if Internet Explorer 10 manages to pull it off, it will be one of the greatest comebacks in software development history and worthy of any Rocky movie. It might be a long shot but considering all the planned changes and enhancements, this might actually be possible.

Now accompany me as I present the tale of the tape and set the stage for this comeback over the first two episodes of this Web Development drama. My next posts will feature “Episode 1 – The rise and fall” and “Episode 2 – Eye of the Browser”. Of course, for the “season finale” you will have to tune in after the release of Windows 8.