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Intel Haswell – Has well over exceeded expectations

With Computex 2013 coming to an end, it’s time to review the brand new goodies from Intel. They’ve promised something great and didn’t fail to deliver. So, what do the Haswell processors bring new to the table? Higher performance and of course, reduced power usage. All portable devices assemble and feast on the new Intel chips!

From Fiction to Fact

Intel Haswell processors were a mere rumor last year and it stayed that way even if at CES 2013 their creators were kind enough to reveal their capabilities. However, now they’re real, they’re official and there are already a lot of products that have them under their hood. Another fact is that the new MacBooks will also switch to Haswell processors. Can you say “software development heaven” ?

Products sporting the new chips will be on sale later this month and this will probably impact the way people look at Windows 8 tablets the most. When it comes to mobile devices, the number one thing that people are after is a longer battery life. Well, this is exactly what global developer Intel are promising. For example they have already made great steps forward when it comes to device hibernation and passive power consumption.

On the active power consumption front, you will be able to watch 3 additional hours of HD videos and every-day tasks such as internet browsing or document editing will no longer put the same stress on the processor, thus increasing battery life. Moreover, Intel promises a stand-by time twice as long.

Ultrabooks Rejoice

As if all the above weren’t reason enough for Ultrabook and MacBook lovers to rejoice, the new chips from the famous global developer will also come with an integrated video card similar to the SoC (System-on Chip) one used for Smartphones. The new line of products will be upgraded and renamed to “Iris”.

Wireless display is also on the list. Haswell device owners will be able to use WiDi 4.1 which fully supports HD video streaming. Boot times have also been reduced for Ultrabooks. They will load and work 11% faster while consuming 25% less energy.

If you are a Desktop user, don’t despair. Your trusty old friend wasn’t left behind. When comparing Haswell desktops to Core2Duo ones which were top of the line 5 years ago, everything was significantly upgraded, especially graphic performance which is over 20 times better.

Intel Haswell chips use the same 22 nanometer architecture for i3, i5 dual-core and i7 quad-core laptop and desktop processors. There is no doubt that these babies will also be lean, mean, software development machines.

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