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  • Good news for developers, Android Jellybean finally on top

Good news for developers, Android Jellybean finally on top

For a good time now Android users had to suffer the shame of being called “out of fashion” or “not with the times”, mostly by iPhone users of course, because the operating system running on their phones was 2 years old.
Ever since its release, Android 2.3 Gingerbread was the most widespread flavor of the mobile OS. Well, finally, this is no longer the case and the ones that get to benefit the most from this change are the mobile software development pros.

Improved sampling for developers

According to Google, Gingerbread rose to the top quickly after it was launched and became number one in November of 2011 when it replaced his older brother, Android 2.2 Froyo. Its reign was a prosperous one as it had no rival to the throne for all of 2012.

However, halfway through 2013, Android Jellybean finally caught up with Gingerbread and dethroned it. As it stands now, Gingerbread is running on 34.1% of Android devices while Jellybean is running on 38% of smartphones and tablets. As someone that has used both Gingerbread and Jellybean, I can honestly say that these are good news and that Jellybean is clearly ahead of Gingerbread in every way.

Now, as far as sampling goes, the good folks at Google have improved their methods, steering their efforts more and more towards software developers. In the past, sampling was based on pretty much everything that has come into contact with Google’s servers. This includes stuff like Gmail or the Google Search Bar.

Well, nowadays, sampling is done based solely on the content that can be found in the Google Play store. Since the distribution dashboard is meant primarily for developers, there is no point in including people that aren’t searching for applications.

Software Development PROs

It’s been stated over and over and unfortunately it still rings true: the number one problem when it comes to Android mobile software development is platform fragmentation. The need to always include full support for Gingerbread has significantly slowed down the software development process these last two years.

Unfortunately, this problem is still real but Android Jellybean is now offering a more stable platform to develop applications for. It’s more mature, it crashes less and has a generous feature offer. Also, only the middle and high end devices run Jellybean, giving developers more computing power to work with. Because of this, the sooner Gingerbread vanishes from the mobile scene, the better.

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