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Facebook’s new Photo Sync feature

If you’re a Smartphone user then you’ve probably already noticed the new feature introduced by Facebook. Personally, it was hard for me not to notice it since it’s been bugging me for two days now, every time I use my Facebook App. At first it didn’t appear interesting enough to check out over my news feed but after two days I actually read the notification carefully and it hit me: this is Facebook’s first important move towards Cloud Storage.

This was clearly to be expected and if you’ve seen Zuckerberg’s biography movie “The Social Network” then you probably remember him saying that just how people moved to the big cities in the past, in the future people will move to the internet. Well, it seems like he is taking this very seriously now, almost literally, by introducing the new photo sync feature.

Using it, people will be able to sync all the photos on their Smartphones with they’re Facebook profile. The images will be stored in a private folder and users will get to choose which photos they want to keep, which to delete and which to show on their profile. To start using this new feature all you have to do is access the General Settings of your Facebook App and choose the Sync Photos option.

On a desktop computer all the transferred photos will show up in a newly created “Synced from Phone” folder which will be accessible from both PCs and Smartphones. Facebook has also taken data consumption into consideration. No doubt, uploading all 300 photos you took on your last trip can have a severe impact on your bill, therefore, all images will be converted to a smaller size and slightly lower quality. Also, users that don’t have the necessary resources for uploading pictures can choose to have the feature enabled only when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

There is no doubt that the Sync Photos feature will also make Facebook advertising easier, especially for smaller businesses and for CEOs that take an active role in managing the publicity efforts of their companies.

Also note that this feature will only be available to Smartphone users that have the Facebook App installed and if you own an iPhone you will first have to update your operating system to iOS 6.

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