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Facebook to add new “Want” and “Collect” Buttons

Lately, it seems like not a week goes by without Facebook trying a brand new way to capitalize on its huge number of users. It all started with the initial public offering and continued with the attempt to integrate the online gifts service. However, it seems like Zuckerberg & Co. are really set on bringing the e-commerce market to the social platform by integrating new “Want” and “Collect” buttons.

Basically, this is what the online gifts service was all about anyway. The whole point was to get users to buy gifts for their friends and family and send them through Facebook, which of course gets its share out of every transaction. Well, things aren’t very different as far as the new buttons are concerned.
They will be implemented alongside the “Collections” feature which will be available strictly to retailers. We don’t know yet whether an upfront payment will be required or if Facebook will just get a percentage out of each successful transaction but one thing is certain: any company that wants to partner up with the social platform will be able to create its very own catalogue. Users will be able to browse through it and as soon as they see something they like, mark it by hitting the “Want” or the “Collect” button.

This way, you will create your very own unique “wish list”. If you want to “remove” a product from your wish list by purchasing it, you can easily do so by accessing its “Buy” link. So far, companies like Victoria’s Secret, Fab, Kors or WayFair have all jumped on the bandwagon and created their own catalogues. The great thing about this feature is that it will be available to anyone that wants to try it. It might just turn out as a great way for companies to push their products to prospective clients over the internet.

If this new Facebook feature got your attention and you want to see if it lives up to its expectations, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are experienced with e-commerce, especially when it comes to Facebook as we are responsible for many of the Content Management System pages and Apps on the social platform. If you need insightful counseling for your catalogue and your online “Collection”, we are always ready to help.

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