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Facebook – Now an even safer marketing environment

Facebook has always been a fairly safe and secure marketing environment, both in terms of virtual safety and “return on investment”. During the last couple of years Facebook software development experts have done everything in their power to make the mammoth platform one of the most secure social and advertising environments on the Web.

The past was safe

The first major leap towards excellent virtual security was taken two years ago when the Facebook software development team announced that they will provide users with the ability to browse the site entirely over a HTTPS connection. This was a big change because prior to it, Facebook used a HTTPS connection only when handling sensible information such as passwords.

Another valuable addition to Facebook’s virtual security arsenal was the introduction of “Social Authentication”. This basically meant replacing traditional captchas with pictures of your friends and asking you to tag them every time you logged in from a “suspicious” location or device. This was a great addition for two reasons: first of all, traditional captchas are slow and can be rather difficult to read and second, while human hackers can read captchas, they surely can’t tag your friends.

The future looks bulletproof

Ok, now that we’ve taken a short trip down memory lane, let’s see what makes Facebook even more secure from now on. Well, both the desktop and mobile site have now migrated to a secure, HTTPS connection by default.
You may think to yourself “Well, that’s that you said in the beginning of the article.” Not quite. Two years ago you had to manually switch to a secure connection and unfortunately, sometimes Facebook wasn’t able to offer secure browsing. This is no longer the case. From now on, wherever you are and whatever device you might be using, you can rest assured that your Fan Page or Company Page is safe.

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