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Facebook Marketing DOs

This week I want to start what’s going to be a 2 part post about what you should and what you shouldn’t do with or on your Facebook business promoting page. There is no doubt that Facebook CMS pages are one of the most powerful marketing tools of today so ignoring them is out of the question.

However, not taking the right steps to engage your fans and eventually transforming them into clients can be almost equally disruptive as not advertising at all, from a “profits” perspective of course. That’s because boring content and uninteresting promotions will almost always lead to nothing more than a complete waste of resources and precious time.
So anyway, here are some of the things that you should keep in mind and definitely work towards achieving when trying to promote your business on Facebook.

1. Fangate!

This is by far the most important aspect of your Facebook CMS page. It is absolutely mandatory that you require your visitors to “Like” your page before gaining access to its contents. This is the best way to create a huge fan base and to make sure that your page gets the exposure it needs.

2. Drive Traffic to your Main Website

So, now that your visitors have pushed the “Like” button, the next thing you need to make sure is that they somehow reach your main website. After all, even if Facebook Content Management Pages can be pretty complex and can also include Apps, it is only through your main portal that visitors really get the chance to see your company shine.
Include links to it all the time and encourage visitors to click them. For example tell your fans about various products or promotions but give additional information about them only on your company’s website.

3. Use Images and Graphics

Text is boring, it’s as simple as that. Nothing will drive people away faster from your page than a wall of text hitting their face as soon as they open it. How many times have you though to yourself “This seems really boring, I’m not going to read all that now. ”

4. Engage Your Fans

So you’ve got them to hit the “Like” button. Great! Now make sure that you communicate with your fans from time to time. This is easily done by posting short messages and asking for opinions through various voting polls.

5. Create a dedicated mobile solution

Unfortunately, Facebook does not support Fan Page apps on mobile devices. This means that you need a dedicated mobile solution to take advantage of mobile clicks. Keep in mind that according to Facebook research, mobile ads are 13 times more efficient than desktop ones when it comes to generating clicks.
Also, almost two out of three Facebook users spend more time browsing on their mobile devices than on their computers. As such, ignoring mobile application development services is a huge mistake because at the moment, it has surpassed desktop application development in terms of generating Facebook traffic.