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Facebook Home, will you move in ?

Three days ago Mark Zuckerberg presented his new vision for the future of Facebook. Basically, he wants to transform your Android phone into a home for your Facebook account. Of course, the “Facebook Home” name is also linked to the home screen that you will get once you let Facebook move into your device. This is yet another bold software development move which might just prove to be a successful one. And speaking of bold, one thing is for sure: this is definitely the most courageous mobile development move that we’ve seen from Facebook so far.

Why create when you can convert ?

Time and time again Zuckerberg has said that there are no plans for a Facebook phone and these statements turned out to be truthful…somewhat. While it’s true that the company doesn’t plan on creating its very own device, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have any plans for your phone. Why create when you can simply convert ?

I am saying this because as soon as you install Facebook Home on your phone, it will basically cover up the entire Android interface. The social network will be inoculated into your device which is great if you love Facebook. Your main screen and your lock screen will be modified and to like something all you will have to do is double tap the screen.

The Facebook Home Household

So, what other changes can you expect once you give Facebook the permission to rearrange your phone’s interior. Well, notifications about your friends’ activities will simply pop up on your screen without having to access them first. After you read them you will be able to simply swipe them away.

The chatting experience is also significantly improved through the “Chat Head” system. Besides having a smoother feel and being more responsive and fast, the Chat Head messenger will also display a small bubble called, you’ve guessed it, a “Chat Head”, every time one of your friends start a conversation. This was done to make you feel like your friends are always there with you…so maybe it’s time to clean up your friends list.

Of course, the new interface won’t hamper or interfere in any way with your other applications.

Are you eligible for Facebook Home ?

There are two ways to get Facebook Home. The first one is to buy a HTC First, pun intended. If you do this you will also get some cool new features like Google Calendar and Outlook integration as well as an upgraded Google Search. The downside is that the HTC First will be a medium range device with somewhat lackluster specifications.
The second way to get Facebook Home is by installing it on your phone but not just any phone. You have to be running Android 4.0 or above and own one of the following: Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note II, HTC One or One X.

In the end I just want to add that if this latest mobile software development contraption from Zuckerberg proves to be a success, it will make Facebook advertising and Facebook development even more important than it is today. For more news on Facebook development or any other mobile development and software development happenings stay tuned to Developers Global. And remember, if you need anything, just contact us.

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