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Facebook Hashtags – was about time

If you have a Twitter account or if you are at least familiar with the micro-blogging platform then you probably know the answers to questions like “What are hashtags ?” or “What are hashtags used for? “. If you don’t, just keep reading and you’ll find out.

This Facebook Hashtag thing has been a long time coming and three days ago they’ve finally made it official: in a couple of days Facebook users will be able to include hashtags into their posts in order to boost their social experience. The funny thing is that some people were already using hashtags on Facebook, for absolutely no reason whatsoever. They did nothing. If you are one of these people, you have some real reasons for excitement below.

What are Hashtags ?

Ok, so that’s all fine and dandy, but what are these hashtags exactly and how do you create them ? Well, to create one all you will have to do is put the “#” sign in front of any word, without spaces of course. Something like this “#hashtagexample”.

This will turn the word into a “hashtag” and will automatically make it clickable. When you click a hashtag, Facebook will automatically create a pop-up feed which will display all relevant posts that contain the same hashtag.

What are Hashtags good for ?

If you’ve never used hashtags before, this is another good question. Well, first of all, hashtags will definitely make Facebook even more social. Think about it, if you want to spark up conversations about a certain subject, all you have to do is to create a hashtag about it in a post and wait.

I am pretty sure that Facebook hashtags will eventually be used more than Twitter ones, and I’m talking in terms of user percentages, not plain numbers. I say this because Facebook has all the tools needed to make conversations about basically any topic more fun or captivating.

Also, there is no doubt that hashtags will affect Facebook advertising in a positive way. Use them wisely and you will surely get more traffic for your ads and your page.

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