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Facebook Development

New advertising tools for Facebook Fan Pages

As far as marketing goes, the great thing about Facebook is of course the fact that it provides entrepreneurs with the largest online pool of prospective clients and consumers. Testing the waters and being able to profit from the huge number of users “swimming” around on Facebook daily isn’t a complicated task as long as you’ve got the right software development and Page customizing tools.

Your Fan Page basically acts as a fishing rod that you need in order to reel clients in so having a durable and effective one is mandatory if you don’t want to let the big ones escape. Our Facebook Apps and services guarantee this and the good news is that now you can customize your Page even further and bait even more customers by using the new advertising tools supplied by Facebook.

Column Only Page Posts

One such tool now lets you create Page posts that won’t appear on your Timeline. Now you might ask yourself “What good is a post if it won’t show up on my Timeline and people won’t see it ? “. Well, this feature was specifically designed to give page owners the opportunity to sponsor posts that aren’t really in line with the overall image and style of their Page or have a different type of content.

For example, it wouldn’t make much sense to post something about gardening utilities on a women’s clothing page. Still, many women that visit the page will surely also be interested in tools for their patio and they will instantly spot the post about them within the column on the right side.

Scheduled Posts

What is in my opinion the coolest new addition to Facebook Fan Pages is the ability to create scheduled posts that will only be visible on your Timeline after a certain amount of days/weeks and even months. Got a special offer coming up and you’ve just figured out the perfect motto for it ? No problem! Write it down and set it to show up only in 3 weeks’ time when the promotion will be in full swing.

The minimum amount of time for a future post is ten minutes and the maximum is 6 months from the moment it was created.

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