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Facebook Applications

Breathe new life into your Timeline

Even if Facebook users were somewhat reluctant to switch to the Timeline format when it was first introduced, by now most of us are rocking a cool-looking cover photo and thinking about what to change it with, for an even greater impact. Same goes for entrepreneurs and business owners that jumped on the Timeline ship as soon as it hit the water, and for reasons easily understandable.

I mean, there is no better way to make your mark on Facebook and draw attention instantly than with a large, professionally looking cover image. But enough about photos, let’s look at something else that you can add to your Timeline and that will make it even more interesting: Apps.

As you might or might not know, there are a whole lot of Facebook Apps that are free to use and that you can easily incorporate into your Fan Page or into your normal Timeline. These are split into categories like Entertainment, Fitness, Travel, Music, News and others. You can easily view them all by visiting the FB Timeline page and accessing the “Apps” section.

If you find an App that you are interested in, to make it show up on your Timeline you just have to click it and allow it access to your account. Easy, right ? And the best thing about it is that there are new Apps being released every month. For example, not to long ago Facebook introduced new movie, cooking and trip advisor Apps for all users that shared these hobbies.

Oh, and since you’re reading this on our Blog remember that Facebook Apps are one of our specialties. If you have any idea regarding an application and you can’t find it anywhere, contact us and we will make it come to life for you.

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