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The aftermath of Facebook’s Instagram acquisition

In a very interesting move, two months ago Facebook has announced that they’re buying the most popular Smartphone photo sharing service, Instagram, for about a billion dollars. In case you’ve never heard about it, here is what you need to know: using it you can take pictures and make them look vintage or you can add other cool effects like blurred edges, sepia, fade, matte and of course, the all-time favorite black and white which can make even a picture of your unwashed dishes look artsy.

Irony aside, Instagram is a really cool App and it caught on pretty fast, especially with the “Hipster” crowd that started using it “before it was cool”. All in all, when Facebook decided to purchase this mobile apps development hit, it was already being used by over 30 million users and was just taking off.

I think this acquisition was a great strategic move for both of them since Instagram has never figured out how to make real money with their service and it’s a very important deal for Facebook also as it needs mobile engagement. I mean, mobile application development is where it’s at right now and photo sharing is one of the things that have made Facebook wildly popular so by integrating the “best of breed” photo sharing service, it’s just a guaranteed win for Facebook.

However, Instagram and FB aren’t the only beneficiaries from this merger. The aftermath of the acquisition has brought on new users and increased traffic on Facebook which can be easily speculated with the right Fan Page and proper application development. Many users that only had an Instagram account now have a Facebook one also and others are now logging in additional hours in front of their screen sharing artful photos of their dogs and cats while your page is only a click away.

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