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Facebook Adds Ads

Over the last two years Zuckerberg and his team of software development and marketing/advertising experts have been really busy bees trying to monetize their immense creation, and quite frankly, they’re doing a pretty good job so far. After the initial shock of going public, Facebook stocks and profits alike have been on a constant upward slope.

This is a good thing and it was to be expected. I mean, there is no way a social network wouldn’t evolve when its user base is growing at such a quick rate while also increasing profits in the process. You think this would be enough to please the social gods among men. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong because Zuckerberg and Co. seem to have completely different plans.

Video Ads, the new Cash Cow

Yep, unfortunately you’ve read it right. I was also let down by this but it seems like Facebook will soon integrate video ads into its news stream. This is a dangerous path they’re starting to tread on and it will not lead to anything good in terms of user satisfaction. The only good thing about it will be the extra cash, which is rumored to be around $1.5 billion in additional revenue per year.

In their first announcement they’ve stated that video ads will be included into their news streams but they will start out muted and will not be more than 15 seconds long. This was a sensible choice and it seemed like the right choice. I mean, if you want to integrate ads, this is one of the best ways to do it if you are also taking the user’s social experience into consideration.

However, this was not all. In a second announcement they’ve stated that this summer they will introduce full screen ads that will play without the user’s consent and will not feature a “mute” button. The only good thing is that their number will be restricted to three per day.

The Good, the Bad and the Annoying

There is no doubt that this change will have a serious impact on the social network. To put things in perspective on a positive note, let’s start with the Good: $1.5 billion dollars is a hefty sum. That’s it. That’s about the only good thing I can say about this decision. The question is, it worth the cost?

Everybody hates video Ads, it’s common sense and this brings us to the annoying part. The only time when video ads were watched from start to finish and didn’t bum people out was when there were only one or two channels on TV. That and the Super Bowl Ads also, but those are in a league of their own. Beyond this, everybody instantly goes for the remote when they see commercials on their screen and in this case, people will go for other tabs in their browsers.

The Bad thing about this is that when it comes to social networks, people actually have alternatives like Google+ and they might migrate if the experience their getting from Facebook turns sour. How this goes down remains to be seen but I wouldn’t put my money on video ads just yet. Besides the annoying factor there is also the cost factor that needs to be taken into consideration and apps/Facebook CMS pages are not even in the same zip code as video ads when it comes to price.

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