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Cloud Software Development

The last decade has been a very successful one for Cloud Computing. Little by little this new way of working has managed to disrupt every aspect of IT. Support services, marketing and sales are all being redesigned to take full advantage of the Cloud’s offerings such as no mandatory downloads, instant access and the “pay as you go” system.

Of course, one of the main factors that drive people upwards is the increased profitability. However, flexibility and ease of application deployment are also not to be condoned. It is estimated that by 2015 over 89% of companies, institutions and agencies will use at least one aspect of the Cloud. Even so, the Cloud is yet to have a serious impact on a certain aspect of IT that concerns us directly: software development.

As we are already using the Cloud as a semi-IDE (integrated development environment), I want to share with you some of our opinions as to why it constitutes a better software development choice overall.

The blemishes of Desktop Software Development

Complex Workspace Management

Most developers have more than a single machine and unfortunately this adds to their responsibilities. It can be very difficult, if not impossible to sync all computers and run the exact same configuration on all of them. However, this is needed in order to avert errors and thoroughly test the end product.

Slower Workflow

Most Integrated Development Environments take a long time to startup and once they’re running at full capacity they can quickly turn into disk and memory hogs.

Accessibility Issues

Desktop IDEs are not available through mobile phones. Third party apps can be used but these rarely solve the problem and mostly just slow down the creation process by a huge factor.

Communication Issues

Unfortunately, when using desktop Integrated Development Environments there is a need for outsourced communication solutions which force developers to split their attention constantly.

The Cloud Software Development solution

The solution to all these problems is a simple and effective one: moving the entire software development infrastructure into the Cloud. Centralization makes it easy to share data, computing resources are efficiently handled through the Pay As You Go system and developers don’t have to possess system administrator skills.

Moreover, the workspace is a compact one so excuses like “It works on my machine” are a thing of the past.

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