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iOS/Android User Interface Design Guidelines

Mobile app development can be a simple task if you have the right tools but at the same time it can also turn into a daunting one if you have to keep look for additional information in order to successfully complete the software development process. This post is aimed at all of you out there that are trying to take up mobile app development. One of the first things that you should learn (and by learn I mean, learn by heart) is the User Interface. For efficient mobile app development you should know it inside out. Well, the guidelines below should ... Read More


5 Development Tips that will make your website more dynamic

As HTML 5 and CSS further push the boundaries of website development, software development gurus often forget about the basic things that make a website look and most importantly, feel great when visited. It’s not rare that you see a website development guru fall in love with his code and this usually leads to him getting lost in the complexities of the two markup languages mentioned above. Sure, HTML and CSS offer great flexibility and a complete toolset for creating luxurious and exuberant websites but most of the time it’s more important to not overlook the essentials of website development and ... Read More


Internet Explorer 10 – A software development Rocky story

Episode 2 – Eye of the Browser

For a better overall experience I recommend you to listen to “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor while reading this. It goes perfectly with the description of all the software development enhancements that Internet Explorer 10 will be sporting this fall when Windows 8 hits the stores. But enough chit-chat! Let’s get down to business and get this montage going as I will go through each and every software development improvement. 1.First of all, for better tablet and Smartphone usage, the tabs in IE 10 will appear as large thumbnails on the top side of the screen. Don’t worry, they won’t ... Read More


Internet Explorer 10 – A software development Rocky story

Episode 1 - The Rise and Fall

Just like any good drama out there, the story begins with our hero rising through the ranks and enjoying huge success. Unfortunately, just like it always happens in these instant success stories, fame has its way of going to one's head which means taking everything for granted and not putting in enough effort to remain at the top. The competition is always on the lookout for such opportunities and sure enough, when they were given the chance, the first and second contender for the internet browsing crown didn't take too long to seize the moment. But enough rambling, let's see ... Read More


Internet Explorer 10 – A software development Rocky story


Let me take a wild guess here: you aren't reading this using Internet Explorer, am I right ? I hope I'm right because if I'm wrong it means you've been struggling with a subpar web browser for quite some time now and you weren't even aware of it. As far as software development goes, Internet Explorer isn't really among Microsoft's hit projects though it certainly had its popularity peaks. Still, going from being the number one browser to mediocre usage and eventually ending up as " the browser that people use in order to download other browsers " wasn't really ... Read More


Developers Global – Website Design and Development

A rundown of our Web Development Services

Here at Developers Global we know that website design and development is a crucial factor when it comes to the popularity of your company or business. Your website can pretty much make or break the evolution of your business as it acts as a regular "visit card" that you hand out to your potential clients. As such, your online portal will be the first thing that many of them will see and will definitely be a deciding factor in the process of turning them into actual clients or turning them away. This is why we take Professional Web Design very ... Read More