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Application Development Sins

5. Wrath

Today I realized that this week is almost over and we've yet to take a look at another deadly sin and see how it applies to software development. So, without further ado I give you the fifth on the list: Wrath. Wrath is often described as rage or anger and I can definitely see how these two extreme feelings can have a damaging impact on application development. Programmers usually develop these destructive emotions when being faced with numerous coding errors at once that appear unsolvable. Those of you that have some programming background know exactly what I'm talking about. This ... Read More


Application Development Sins

4. Sloth

This week we’re going to take another in-depth look at one of the 7 deadly sins and try to understand how it can affect software development. The next one on our list is Sloth, and I am not talking about the animal with the same name even though if you take a closer look at it you will easily understand that it’s the perfect embodiment for this sin and that you could even link it to software development. Some of you may think this is nonsense and that there’s no way to throw wild animals into the website and desktop application ... Read More


Application Development Sins

3. Greed

It’s a new week and that means it’s time to take a look at the next deadly sin of software development, and this time we’ve got a really serious one on our hands: Greed. It’s the third on the “official list” of deadly sins but in my opinion it’s the gravest of them all and the sad part is that so many companies fall prey to it and don’t realize it until it’s too late. You might be thinking to yourself “Wait a minute, how can someone be greedy and not realize it ? “ Well, first of all, there ... Read More


Application Development Sins

2. Gluttony

Today I want to continue my list of the Seven Deadly Sins of software development by taking a look at the second one, Gluttony and seeing how it relates to the creation of applications and websites. Some of you may not be familiar with this term so first let's check out its origins and meaning. If you are in any way interested in our app contest, you will also find some valuable information below. The word "Gluttony" is derived from the Latin "gluttire" which means swallowing or gulping down. This term is used to describe the action of over-indulging oneself to ... Read More


Application Development Sins

1. Lust

Starting with this post I want to approach software development from a different perspective and present you with a slightly odd “ DOs and DON’Ts “ list. This is because I will take each of the 7 deadly sins and tell you how it applies to mobile programming and app development companies. Unfortunately, many developers out there fall prey to Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy or Pride. This is something that we are definitely trying to avoid here at Developers Global especially since, interestingly enough, some of these sins may even prove to have beneficial aspects to them. It ... Read More


The Developers Global App Contest

This is your chance to win $5000 !

There is no arguing that innovation is one of the most important things within the IT landscape. It is highly sought after and unfortunately rarely found but nevertheless, it's the spark that sets the evolution engine back in motion every time it dwindles. Creating smart and useful mobile applications clearly requires innovation and because it seems like this can be hard to come by these days, we have decided to offer an incentive to all software developers out there in the form of $5000. Of course, some effort will be required from your part if you want to win ... Read More


Developers Global – Software Development

A short description of our App development Services

Are you familiar with the saying “Big things come in small packages ? “ Well, there is a valid reasoning behind it and most of the time it’s true. Developers Global is the perfect example for this as we are a small Software Development company but our Software Development Services can match and even surpass the ones offered by larger firms anytime. However, when it comes to larger Software Development firms, there is something that we cannot match: the size of their prices. Cost effectiveness is something that we strive for since we believe that establishing lucrative professional relationships with our ... Read More