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A couple of months ago the US finally climbed back to the top of the computing food chain thanks to a new system designed and created by IBM. Previously, the top spot was held by Japan with their famous "K" Computer manufactured by Fujitsu. The supercomputer that secured the top spot for the US is IBM's monster that goes by the name of "Sequoia". Built to endure both physical depreciation and obsolescence, this "technical tree" has over 1.5 million processor cores and is able to achieve 16.3 petaflops. With such high values, computing and software development experts all over the world ... Read More


Content Management System Vital Features

Choosing the right CMS solution is essential for the success of your business or brand. The internet is the most important and profitable outlet at the moment which makes it vital to have the best possible presentation for your products. Visitors can get distracted easily when browsing your page so you need to make sure that you capture their attention instantly. For this, here are some of the most important features that we offer alongside our CMS pages. 1. Easy Customization All our pages come with an intuitive interface that will let you shape your online image exactly that way you want ... Read More


Windows 8 Preview

This week's article is dedicated to the software that played the most important part in Personal Computer Development and that not only shaped the IT environment but also shaped entire generations. I am talking about Windows, of course. Besides being the virtual tool that made PCs a reality, it was also the perfect way to introduce inexperienced computer users to the outlandish world of Information Technology. Unfortunately, present times aren't the best for Microsoft and their flagship product. Tablets and Smartphones have taken the IT world by storm and are enticing and seducing more and more users. If the mouse was ... Read More


Software Development sayings and excuses to watch out for

Out of all the industries, IT is definitely the last one that you would expect slang from. Software Development engineers, programmers or project managers aren't really known for their "gangster" side. Still, this doesn't mean that there aren't any phrases that Software Development workers use which have hidden meanings known only by the select few from the programming order. To save you some trouble on the long run, here are some of the expressions commonly used in Software Development and their actual meanings. "It runs perfectly on my machine!" Translation: There is probably something wrong with it but I’m too lazy to check ... Read More


How to avert crisis in software development projects

Being a software development team leader or project manager is no doubt a difficult job, even more so if you are the CEO of a software development company. No matter what role you have to fill, the information below may prove to be very important and it may save you a lot of hassle on the long run. The Software Development process is a complex and intricate one which puts the programmers and designers through many phases and stretches endurance and intellect to the limits. Add some demanding and eager clients on top of it and you've got yourself a ... Read More


Software Development in the Cloud

In many cases, the quality of the software development end product is directly dependant on the amount of resources available throughout the software development process. Even if computing power is on a constant upswing, unfortunately so are the prices that come with it. Just like pretty much anything nowadays, virtual power and real estate are also offered at increasingly higher prices. Still, what used to be a generic catchphrase not so long ago, has slowly transformed into a flicker of light for many software development companies that were after simultaneous cost effectiveness and efficiency. I am of course talking about Cloud ... Read More


Software Development - Efficiency Enhancement Strategies you should avoid

Part II

This is the third and final post in my series on software development strategies that companies should avoid and it will be focused on team strategies and proper working environment. 1. A larger team doesn't necessarily mean increased productivity - This is another common mistake that many software development companies make. It's such a common one because it's along the same line of reasoning as the "more hours = more productivity" strategy. While the latter fails to provide long term results because of fatigue, when it comes to team sizes, the culprit for decreased productivity is an entirely different one. As many ... Read More


Software Development - Efficiency Enhancement Strategies you should avoid

Part I

This is the second post in my series about software development enhancement strategies you should avoid and today I want to go over the first four of them. 1. Working overtime to increase productivity - I decided to put this habit at the top of my list since almost all small and medium sized software development companies turn to it. It's a very easy solution and it also seems like a perfectly viable one on paper. In reality things are not so simple. It has been proven that even if initially the productivity actually goes up, after only a ... Read More


Software Development – Efficiency Enhancement Strategies you should avoid

When it comes to the sweet science of Software Development there are definitely some ways to go about it and get it right. Unfortunately there are also many more ways to get it horribly wrong. No matter how you look at it, topnotch software development isn't a simple task. It's actually a complicated one and it involves a lot of variables, unknowns and even some deciding factors regarding sheer manpower and how to manage it. Software engineers and process experts have struggled for decades to come up with new ways of improving the software development process. Well, to be honest with ... Read More


Agile Software Development III

Lightweight vs. Heavyweight

This is my third post in the "Agile Software Development" Series and it's the one where we put Lightweight and Heavyweight Software Development head to head for a clear and conclusive comparison. Before going into this one I strongly recommend you to read my first post and second post in order to gain a clear idea and basis for this comparison. The main difference between Lightweight and Heavyweight Software Development is project size. The rule of thumb is that the lightweight methodology best fits smaller projects while more complex ones should be approached from a heavyweight perspective. ... Read More


The three most common mistakes made by Software Development Companies

This Blog has been on a positive note so far with me presenting all the latest software development advancements and some methodologies. Well, this time around I will mix it up a little and offer you something with a negative twist to it. Don’t worry, it’s a form of constructive criticism which makes it positive either way. So without further ado, here are what we at Developers Global see as the most common mistakes that other software development companies make. 1. Being scared to make important decisions Important decisions have to be made all throughout the software development or mobile programming process. ... Read More


Agile Software Development II

Lightweight/Agile Software Development

My first post about Agile Software Development wasn't really about what the title promised. It was actually a description of the software development method that's at the other end of the spectrum, namely Heavyweight/Waterfall Software Development. I did it so that everyone reading my upcoming posts about Agile Software Development would know a little bit more about its opposite. I strongly recommend that you first read my previous post before reading this one as it will put things in perspective and will also offer you some nice info on software development. But enough about that. In this second post I ... Read More


Agile Software Development I

Heavyweight Software Development

If you were surprised by the title, don't worry, you are still on a software development Blog. I am not talking about a boxing match here and I'm also not trying to decide which weight category is the most exciting one to watch. There were enough boxing references in my Internet Explorer 10 series. This post is actually the first of a series depicting the Agile Software Development method and its advantages. I've decided to do this since this is the main software development method used by us here at Developers Global and it is also widely recognized as the ... Read More


Application Development Sins

7. Pride

This week's post concludes our list of the seven deadly application development sins and the last one is what I consider to be the most serious of them all: Pride. Just like all the other sins, pride can also be identified at the root of many problems and wrongdoings and it can definitely be found lurking around in the software development branch also. Now, when it comes to this sin in particular there is no doubt that more or less we all have it in us so it's just a question of how much it will affect us and the outcome ... Read More


Application Development Sins

6. Envy

Just two more and we have our complete list of Deadly Application Development Sins. Today we take a look at the penultimate one, Envy, which unfortunately is ubiquitous in software development, regardless of branch. Mobile programming, desktop application development, web development, no matter where you look you are guaranteed to find firms and companies poking around in their neighbors' yard and being envious of their accomplishments. It's true that this habit also has a constructive side as it can stimulate and drive developers to try harder and surpass their contenders. It's called competition and it's very healthy for ongoing developments. However, ... Read More