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Samsung Galaxy S4 or why Apple needs to step up its Mobile Development

Well, they did it again. After a long waiting period and a lot of speculations, the Galaxy S4 is finally here and it’s one of the best devices that mobile development has seen. Frankly, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Samsung this year because I didn’t think that they could come up with something new and exciting. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that they’re not capable of doing so, it’s just that being innovative on today’s market is a hard thing and most Smartphone manufacturers simply choose to upgrade specs and call it innovation. Galaxy S4, Apple’s worst nightmare First ... Read More


Samsung Unpacked

Only one week remains until the “Samsung Unpacked” show in New York. On the 14th of March at 7 pm EST, the world will finally be able to gaze upon the new products of the South Korean company. Are you ready 4 the Galaxy S4 ? Most of the hype created around the Unpacked event was due to the rumors and speculations about the uncovering of the next generation Samsung Galaxy S phone. Well, all these rumors proved to be true and we can now rest assured that on the 14th of March Samsung will reveal its new flagship device. This is ... Read More


Project Glass – The Wearable Computers

Are you tired of those pesky glasses that you need to wear everywhere ? Are you blind as a bat without them ? Do you feel like they’re hampering your style ? Well, if at least one of the above is true then I’ve got some good news for you: not only will glasses be cool in the near future but they will also transform you from a tender-eyed human into a super-being. I suspect that most of you reading this are quite puzzled by the paragraph above. It doesn’t really resemble anything that has to do with software development or ... Read More


First Facebook, then Apple, who’s next ?

As you may have heard, last week Facebook was attacked by hackers. They used sophisticated malware to gain access to some of the company's machines but according to Facebook spokesmen, the intrusion was quickly discovered and the security breach was fixed. What's interesting is that the malware was distributed exclusively through mobile devices when some Facebook employees visited a compromised mobile software development website. Also, the attack was discovered by antivirus software so next time you decide to skip installing cyber protection on your smartphone or tablet, think again. This was not an isolated incident as other companies were also targeted in ... Read More


How to cheat Brook’s Law with Agile Software Development

Many Agile Software Development aficionados know for a fact that adding additional manpower to hasten a project in its late stages usually backfires and has the exact opposite effect. During the 70’s, Fred Brooks proved this and also coined a law stating that adding more personnel to a software project that’s on its last lap but it’s running late only delays it even further. This is true most of the time when it comes to mobile and desktop application development or any other software development services. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to work around it using the power ... Read More


Developers Global Goals for 2013

2012 was a very busy year for all of us here at Developers Global and we intend to keep the same trend for 2013. Moreover, one of our main goals for the current year is to further improve our software development services and this includes both mobile and desktop application development, Facebook CMS services and professional web design. The first thing that we want to look at is mobile applications development with an emphasis on cross platform apps. The days when Apple reigned supreme over the Smartphone market are long gone and nowadays you've got 4 key players battling it out ... Read More


Facebook Marketing DON’Ts

So, last week we've seen the good but now it's time for the bad and the downright ugly. Hide your kids, hide your wife and hide your husband because it's time for the Facebook Marketing DON'Ts. 1. Don't focus on fan acquisition only through Fangates. While it is absolutely mandatory for your Facebook CMS page to be a Fangate so that your visitors will see its content only after pressing the "Like" button, make sure you also give them reasons to do it in the first place, and to also spread the word around about it. I have personally "Unliked" pages ... Read More


Three essential mobile application development trends

Like it or not, the era of the desktop computers has all but dawned. Nowadays everything is about portability, accessibility and a permanent connection to, well, everything. The future is here and mobile devices have set this trend and are also keeping it going. And to be honest, there isn’t anything getting in its way or hinting that it might slow down at some point. Mobile application development represents a large part of the software development services market at the moment and the best part about it is that this particular branch of the IT industry is still a long ... Read More


Tech and Software Development Services to follow in 2013

The new year is upon us and by the looks of it, it's going to be a very busy one tech-wise. Right now there are several technological trends and software development advancements that are either just starting out or already flourishing. Make no mistake, at some point these will have the potential to impact your business in a positive or negative way so the best thing to do at the moment is to stay sharp and keep an eye out on all the latest developments. 1. 3D Printing Even though there are some well established companies producing 3D printers, this technology ... Read More


2012 IT Recap

That was a close one. Even though the world didn't end in 2012, a lot has changed this year within the Information Technology environment. Many of these software development and applications development changes were also listed here on the Developers Global blog so if you've been checking back regularly, you are probably up to date with everything that's been going on this year. For those of you that missed some of these events, I have put together an extensive list containing everything newsworthy within software development services, mobile and desktop application development, social networking - Facebook and more. Facebook 2012 was truly a ... Read More


Happy Holidays from the software development team at Developers Global !

'Tis the season to be jolly ! This post goes out to everybody out there that we have worked with and to all the readers of our applications development Blog. This year is coming to an end and we would like to thank all our clients and everybody that we have worked with for the mutual support and respect. Also, because this is the perfect time to make wishes and to plan for the future, we can't help but make some wishes of our own, with the only difference being that we won't wait for Santa to grant them. Instead, ... Read More


Key Concepts for Software Development Services

This week I want to go through some of the key concepts for proper mobile and desktop application development services. The IT environment is in a constant change and leaving no stone unturned can sometimes be a difficult thing to do, especially since there are so many aspects to take into consideration and watch out for. Below, I want to share with you what we here at Developers Global consider to be the cornerstones of proper software development services. 1. Smartphones and Tablets Mobile devices have taken over the world and there are no signs of anything stopping their ascent. ... Read More


Major Update to Windows Phone 7.8 Next Year

After their successful release of Windows 8, Microsoft has decided to turn to mobile devices once again and show some love to their mobile operating system. And I’m not even talking about Windows Phone 7.8 here, which is still in development phase by the way. What I am actually talking about is Windows Phone 8 which will be launched in February next year and will most likely go by the name of “Apollo Plus”. That’s right, you’ve heard it first here on the Developers Global Blog, the only place where you can find out about software updates to operating systems ... Read More


Wi-Fi technology to be improved in the near future

Hardware advancements aren't the only ones happening in the current IT world as software development is also catching up. As it turns out, a group of researchers from at the N. Carolina University have come up with a new type of software that will effectively boost the performance of wireless connections. The software development team of North Carolina named their product "WiFox" and they're not afraid to brag about its capabilities. They say that they've effectively created a virtual "traffic cop" that's able to monitor all data exchange and give priority to more urgent requests. In a nutshell, what this means ... Read More


No Flash for you, Jelly Bean! NEXT!

First of all, props to anyone that has recognized the quote in the title. You've got great taste in comedy if you did. Now back to the matter at hand, namely software development and one of Adobe's flagship products - Flash. Nowadays you can't really mention it without automatically bringing up the late Steve Jobs in the discussion also. Some people call him one of the great visionaries of our time and it seems like he was right yet again when he decided to leave Flash out of iOS. He has always complained about it and especially its stability. Well, the ... Read More