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Common mistakes when starting your own Software Development Company – Part I

This week I want to go through some of the most common mistakes that aspiring entrepreneurs make when putting together their own software development Company. No doubt, having your own startup is the hot new thing these days so many skilled developers and tech savvy individuals aim for it. However, after some time most of them find out that owning a startup is not as easy as it seems. Sure, it’s all business meetings and expensive suits on paper but in the real world, things are quite different and even in the software development industry where everything seems calculated and accounted ... Read More


Doug Engelbart – mouse inventor, dead at 88

We take them for granted and we use them everyday when working on our desktop computers but we never stop to think about the science behind these small devices and the true visionary minds that designed and built them. The mice that we have on our desks make our lives much easier and were the first step towards a brighter and more interactive computing experience. If it weren’t for Doug Engelbart and his team we would probably still be using some sort of Norton Commander of DOS Navigator on steroids. Doug Engelbart - a real influence Unfortunately, Mr. Doug Engelbart passed away at ... Read More


Good news for developers, Android Jellybean finally on top

For a good time now Android users had to suffer the shame of being called “out of fashion” or “not with the times”, mostly by iPhone users of course, because the operating system running on their phones was 2 years old. Ever since its release, Android 2.3 Gingerbread was the most widespread flavor of the mobile OS. Well, finally, this is no longer the case and the ones that get to benefit the most from this change are the mobile software development pros. Improved sampling for developers According to Google, Gingerbread rose to the top quickly after it was launched and became ... Read More


5 Mobile Software Development Tips

A lot has passed since we've talked about ways to improve the software development process so the time has come to reach down into our bag of tricks again and reveal to you some of the practices that we use to ensure better mobile software development. Keep calm, grab a pen and paper and read on. 1. Consistency is a must Picture this: you have to create a mobile application for a large company. This means that your app will have to work flawlessly on a very wide range of devices with different operating systems. In the corporate world there is ... Read More


iOS 7 Essential New Features

After much anticipation, impatience and speculation iPhone and iPad users finally got to see what their future Operating System will look like. The new Apple software development product was presented during the World Wide Developers Conference and it didn't fail to impress. To some of you the new Operating System will look strangely familiar, especially if you've also used an Android device at some point. While it’s true that Apple have copied some features that were made popular by their sworn enemies, they've also introduced some cool new stuff of their own and completely changed the design: iOS is now ... Read More


Intel Haswell – Has well over exceeded expectations

With Computex 2013 coming to an end, it’s time to review the brand new goodies from Intel. They’ve promised something great and didn’t fail to deliver. So, what do the Haswell processors bring new to the table? Higher performance and of course, reduced power usage. All portable devices assemble and feast on the new Intel chips! From Fiction to Fact Intel Haswell processors were a mere rumor last year and it stayed that way even if at CES 2013 their creators were kind enough to reveal their capabilities. However, now they're real, they're official and there are already a lot of ... Read More


Google Glass – a take on privacy issues

The Google Glasses aren't even available yet and already they’re stirring up tensions in the software development and mobile development sectors. Moreover, it seems like there are two separate sides slowly forming and taking arms against each other when it comes to privacy issues. This is what I want to talk to you about here since it could be big and it will probably affect each and every one of us once these gadgets are out. Two different perspectives As the release date of these hi-tech glasses draws nearer, opinions concerning them are split. Some people love the concept, some loathe it, ... Read More


iOS/Android User Interface Design Guidelines

Mobile app development can be a simple task if you have the right tools but at the same time it can also turn into a daunting one if you have to keep look for additional information in order to successfully complete the software development process. This post is aimed at all of you out there that are trying to take up mobile app development. One of the first things that you should learn (and by learn I mean, learn by heart) is the User Interface. For efficient mobile app development you should know it inside out. Well, the guidelines below should ... Read More


Software Development and Desktop Apps hosted on the Cloud

Boy, it’s sure been a long time since I wrote something about the Cloud right ? Five days to be more exact. Well, irony aside, when I heard about what Mozilla and the graphic-rendering vendor Otoy came up with, I just couldn’t contain myself and I had to share the information with all of you. First they introduced a codec that allows video streaming in HTML 5 pages without the need of a plug-in. This alone is pretty cool but like Ronco Popeil used to say “Wait, there’s more!”. They have also introduced a new codec called “ORBX.js” that ... Read More


Cloud Software Development

The last decade has been a very successful one for Cloud Computing. Little by little this new way of working has managed to disrupt every aspect of IT. Support services, marketing and sales are all being redesigned to take full advantage of the Cloud’s offerings such as no mandatory downloads, instant access and the “pay as you go” system. Of course, one of the main factors that drive people upwards is the increased profitability. However, flexibility and ease of application deployment are also not to be condoned. It is estimated that by 2015 over 89% of companies, institutions and agencies ... Read More


Is the PC dead ?

Rumors that the PC market is dying and that desktop software development could become less relevant are escalating at a quick pace. Fact or fiction ? Well, to shed some light on this matter we’re going to use the magical power of numbers, and not just any numbers but the ones gathered by well respected market-research firms. The past and present of the PC The past of the PC was certainly a glorious one both from a consumer and software development point of view, no doubt about that. I am not going to go through the history of the personal computer here ... Read More


What should Enterprise Apps borrow from Consumer Mobile Development

If you take a close look at enterprise applications and mobile development aimed at consumer masses, there are some clear differences that will immediately hop into view. This is normal and in certain cases it’s almost like comparing a suit with a sweatshirt or a track-suit. Sure, suits might look better from afar but in many cases suits make people feel uncomfortable and as soon as they get dressed they start dreaming about the moment when they can finally slip into their favorite pair of jeans and their 10 year old Metallica t-shirt. However, suits are needed for “TCB”, you ... Read More


Facebook Home, will you move in ?

Three days ago Mark Zuckerberg presented his new vision for the future of Facebook. Basically, he wants to transform your Android phone into a home for your Facebook account. Of course, the “Facebook Home” name is also linked to the home screen that you will get once you let Facebook move into your device. This is yet another bold software development move which might just prove to be a successful one. And speaking of bold, one thing is for sure: this is definitely the most courageous mobile development move that we’ve seen from Facebook so far. Why create when you can ... Read More


How to avoid Software Development failure in 5 easy steps

Unfortunately, while the IT environment is one of the most flexible sectors and definitely one that allows for all kinds of ideas to be put to practice, it is also one of the most unforgiving ones. When it comes to software development projects, any miscalculation and any facet, if ignored or not analyzed properly may dramatically change the project’s outcome. At Developers Global we believe in leaving no stone unturned. To make sure that you understand the factors that we take into consideration when handling your software development project, here are just some of the most important aspects of our game. 1. ... Read More


Another Apple lawsuit but this time they’re on the other side of the prosecution

Karma is sometimes a funny thing. Most of us go on with our daily lives not caring about what we do and how it could backfire on us but in the end we usually get what’s coming to us. Well, this is also true in the harsh environment of corporate software development. It seems like only yesterday Samsung had to fork up billions of dollars and hand them over to Apple after losing the patent lawsuits but now, the Cupertino Company may have to give up some profits of their own. Apple and Microsoft Devices secured by Intertrust This month Apple was ... Read More