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Software Development and Desktop Apps hosted on the Cloud

Boy, it’s sure been a long time since I wrote something about the Cloud right ? Five days to be more exact. Well, irony aside, when I heard about what Mozilla and the graphic-rendering vendor Otoy came up with, I just couldn’t contain myself and I had to share the information with all of you. First they introduced a codec that allows video streaming in HTML 5 pages without the need of a plug-in. This alone is pretty cool but like Ronco Popeil used to say “Wait, there’s more!”. They have also introduced a new codec called “ORBX.js” that ... Read More


Content Management System Vital Features

Choosing the right CMS solution is essential for the success of your business or brand. The internet is the most important and profitable outlet at the moment which makes it vital to have the best possible presentation for your products. Visitors can get distracted easily when browsing your page so you need to make sure that you capture their attention instantly. For this, here are some of the most important features that we offer alongside our CMS pages. 1. Easy Customization All our pages come with an intuitive interface that will let you shape your online image exactly that way you want ... Read More


Windows 8 Preview

This week's article is dedicated to the software that played the most important part in Personal Computer Development and that not only shaped the IT environment but also shaped entire generations. I am talking about Windows, of course. Besides being the virtual tool that made PCs a reality, it was also the perfect way to introduce inexperienced computer users to the outlandish world of Information Technology. Unfortunately, present times aren't the best for Microsoft and their flagship product. Tablets and Smartphones have taken the IT world by storm and are enticing and seducing more and more users. If the mouse was ... Read More