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Facebook Hashtags – was about time

If you have a Twitter account or if you are at least familiar with the micro-blogging platform then you probably know the answers to questions like “What are hashtags ?” or “What are hashtags used for? “. If you don’t, just keep reading and you’ll find out. This Facebook Hashtag thing has been a long time coming and three days ago they’ve finally made it official: in a couple of days Facebook users will be able to include hashtags into their posts in order to boost their social experience. The funny thing is that some people were already using hashtags on ... Read More


Facebook Adds Ads

Over the last two years Zuckerberg and his team of software development and marketing/advertising experts have been really busy bees trying to monetize their immense creation, and quite frankly, they’re doing a pretty good job so far. After the initial shock of going public, Facebook stocks and profits alike have been on a constant upward slope. This is a good thing and it was to be expected. I mean, there is no way a social network wouldn’t evolve when its user base is growing at such a quick rate while also increasing profits in the process. You think this would ... Read More


Facebook Home, will you move in ?

Three days ago Mark Zuckerberg presented his new vision for the future of Facebook. Basically, he wants to transform your Android phone into a home for your Facebook account. Of course, the “Facebook Home” name is also linked to the home screen that you will get once you let Facebook move into your device. This is yet another bold software development move which might just prove to be a successful one. And speaking of bold, one thing is for sure: this is definitely the most courageous mobile development move that we’ve seen from Facebook so far. Why create when you can ... Read More


First Facebook, then Apple, who’s next ?

As you may have heard, last week Facebook was attacked by hackers. They used sophisticated malware to gain access to some of the company's machines but according to Facebook spokesmen, the intrusion was quickly discovered and the security breach was fixed. What's interesting is that the malware was distributed exclusively through mobile devices when some Facebook employees visited a compromised mobile software development website. Also, the attack was discovered by antivirus software so next time you decide to skip installing cyber protection on your smartphone or tablet, think again. This was not an isolated incident as other companies were also targeted in ... Read More


Facebook’s New Graph Search

Many of you may have already heard about Facebook's new Graph Search but for those of you that didn't, all I have to say is, read on, because you are likely to be blown away. Normally, I don't really buy into all the hype that accompanies every Facebook change (well maybe except for the Facebook CMS pages one), because I see most of them as ways to make sure that Facebook users don't forget about their favorite social network and don't choose to spend their time elsewhere, for example in Google's front lawn, playing with circles. Now don't get ... Read More


Facebook Marketing DON’Ts

So, last week we've seen the good but now it's time for the bad and the downright ugly. Hide your kids, hide your wife and hide your husband because it's time for the Facebook Marketing DON'Ts. 1. Don't focus on fan acquisition only through Fangates. While it is absolutely mandatory for your Facebook CMS page to be a Fangate so that your visitors will see its content only after pressing the "Like" button, make sure you also give them reasons to do it in the first place, and to also spread the word around about it. I have personally "Unliked" pages ... Read More


Facebook Marketing DOs

This week I want to start what's going to be a 2 part post about what you should and what you shouldn't do with or on your Facebook business promoting page. There is no doubt that Facebook CMS pages are one of the most powerful marketing tools of today so ignoring them is out of the question. However, not taking the right steps to engage your fans and eventually transforming them into clients can be almost equally disruptive as not advertising at all, from a "profits" perspective of course. That's because boring content and uninteresting promotions will almost always lead to ... Read More


Tech and Software Development Services to follow in 2013

The new year is upon us and by the looks of it, it's going to be a very busy one tech-wise. Right now there are several technological trends and software development advancements that are either just starting out or already flourishing. Make no mistake, at some point these will have the potential to impact your business in a positive or negative way so the best thing to do at the moment is to stay sharp and keep an eye out on all the latest developments. 1. 3D Printing Even though there are some well established companies producing 3D printers, this technology ... Read More


2012 IT Recap

That was a close one. Even though the world didn't end in 2012, a lot has changed this year within the Information Technology environment. Many of these software development and applications development changes were also listed here on the Developers Global blog so if you've been checking back regularly, you are probably up to date with everything that's been going on this year. For those of you that missed some of these events, I have put together an extensive list containing everything newsworthy within software development services, mobile and desktop application development, social networking - Facebook and more. Facebook 2012 was truly a ... Read More


Facebook’s new Photo Sync feature

If you're a Smartphone user then you've probably already noticed the new feature introduced by Facebook. Personally, it was hard for me not to notice it since it's been bugging me for two days now, every time I use my Facebook App. At first it didn't appear interesting enough to check out over my news feed but after two days I actually read the notification carefully and it hit me: this is Facebook's first important move towards Cloud Storage. This was clearly to be expected and if you've seen Zuckerberg's biography movie "The Social Network" then you probably remember him saying ... Read More


New Facebook privacy policy conflicts with European regulations

There is no doubt that one of the purest forms of power in our days is information. It is the single most important thing for influencing large masses and steering them in a certain direction, both literally and figuratively speaking. This makes companies like Facebook or Google the most powerful corporate entities on the planet, bar none. However, with great power always comes great responsibility and finding the right balance between using the information acquired and at the same time keeping it secret and securing user's privacy isn't easy. This is precisely the kind of problem Facebook has to deal with ... Read More


Facebook to add new “Want” and “Collect” Buttons

Lately, it seems like not a week goes by without Facebook trying a brand new way to capitalize on its huge number of users. It all started with the initial public offering and continued with the attempt to integrate the online gifts service. However, it seems like Zuckerberg & Co. are really set on bringing the e-commerce market to the social platform by integrating new "Want" and "Collect" buttons. Basically, this is what the online gifts service was all about anyway. The whole point was to get users to buy gifts for their friends and family and send them through Facebook, ... Read More


Facebook reaches 1 billion users

This came as a surprise to most people but every IT aficionado or social network user knew that it was just a matter of time until this would happen. Two and a half weeks ago Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that his social platform just got even more …social. Facebook finally reached the 1 billion user count and according to the company's spokesmen, further growth is expected. This was certainly good news after the company went through four grueling months on the stock market since the initial public offering. The main reason for the depreciating trend was the company's attempts to ... Read More


Facebook Development

New advertising tools for Facebook Fan Pages

As far as marketing goes, the great thing about Facebook is of course the fact that it provides entrepreneurs with the largest online pool of prospective clients and consumers. Testing the waters and being able to profit from the huge number of users “swimming” around on Facebook daily isn’t a complicated task as long as you’ve got the right software development and Page customizing tools. Your Fan Page basically acts as a fishing rod that you need in order to reel clients in so having a durable and effective one is mandatory if you don’t want to let the big ... Read More


Facebook Applications

The aftermath of Facebook’s Instagram acquisition

In a very interesting move, two months ago Facebook has announced that they’re buying the most popular Smartphone photo sharing service, Instagram, for about a billion dollars. In case you’ve never heard about it, here is what you need to know: using it you can take pictures and make them look vintage or you can add other cool effects like blurred edges, sepia, fade, matte and of course, the all-time favorite black and white which can make even a picture of your unwashed dishes look artsy. Irony aside, Instagram is a really cool App and it caught on pretty fast, especially ... Read More