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BlackBerry 10 Marketplace is open for business

If there is one thing that the guys over at Research In Motion did wrong is that they’ve ignored mobile applications for far too long. Many iOS and Android users have chosen to stay clear of BB phones, no matter how performant they were or how good they looked, precisely because of the lack of applications to choose from.

No matter how you look at it, smartphone users all have the desire to fit their devices with the best apps around. Some do it for increased utility and others just to show off but at the end of the day they all do it. It seems that RIM has finally realized this and will run an aggressive campaign during the following two months in order to get more developers to create Apps that run on BlackBerry 10.

They have also promised many incentives to people that come up with good ideas and that create Apps which are “Built for BlackBerry”, to put it in their own words. Among these stimulations, the ones that clearly stand out are the monetary ones as RIM is promising $10,000 for each application that fits the description above.
This seems like a promising move for the Canadian Company as its current users are already app-hungry and with an itchy install finger, making it a strategic one from all points of view. Not only will it attract new users but it will also keep the ones that planned on migrating to other devices.

This is the kind of effort that was expected from RIM because from a financial point of view, BlackBerry 10 has to do good. In fact, it has to shift the company from the downward trend and bring it back on an upswing. At the moment, RIM are relying on a $2.3 billion reserve but with quarterly losses of $235 million, the future is certainly not looking bright. Time will tell if this new strategy is the right one. However, if you’ve got an idea for a mobile App and you don’t know how to transform it into a finished product, don’t hesitate to request a quote from us anytime.

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