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Applications that boost your productivity

For the most part, the internet is great (wow, thank you Captain Obvious). After all, it is the first thing to come along and turn us from simple human beings into all-knowing deities, and all this with a simple flick of the wrist or click of the mouse.
However, despite all its benefits, sometimes the internet can work like a double-edged sword and affect certain work-related areas of our life. Usually, the thing that suffers the most is our productivity. We’ve all been there, browsing away without a care, looking at cats and funny videos when we should have been working instead.
Well, below I want to share with you some of my ideas of applications that can help you manage internet time and that can boost software development productivity.

Remove temptations

The first and most obvious type of application that you should use if you find yourself drifting aimlessly on the internet is the site-blocker one. Limiting the amount of time that you spend on various sites such as Twitter, Facebook or YouTube can work wonders for your productivity.
Facebook isn’t called “Procrastination” for nothing after all. Now, if you go ahead and reduce the time that you spend browsing these websites and you still don’t get the result you want, you should try and application that completely blocks your access to them for a set amount of hours or even days. That should teach you.

Avoid the rush hours

Since we are on the topic of blocking sites, here is some advice for the ones among you that aren’t severely affected by the “internet-procrastination” syndrome. It’s called a “blockset blocker” extension (or application) and it works as an internet nanny.
With blockset blockers you can automatically restrict access to certain sites only during specific times of the day, known as “blocksets”. These applications can also give you a fairly accurate estimate of how much time you waste online daily.

Limit detrimental multitasking

Multitasking was always deemed as a positive thing and for the most part, this is the truth. However, when multiple tabs actually mean multiple distractions, productivity can suffer a lot.
Almost all of us have a lot of tabs opened when working and unfortunately not all of them are usually work-related. This is why applications that aid you in controlling the number of tabs that you have opened at any given time can be a god-send.

Shut it down

If you try everything and you still find yourself distracted from your work, the only thing left to do is to completely shut down the Internet. Of course, you should do this only if you don’t need web wisdom at all during working hours.
Another good idea is to activate the “no-web” app only after you have gathered all the info you need in order to get the job done. This way you can be sure that you won’t get distracted and that you also won’t need to access the net and potentially give into temptation.

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