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Application Development Sins

1. Lust

Starting with this post I want to approach software development from a different perspective and present you with a slightly odd “ DOs and DON’Ts “ list. This is because I will take each of the 7 deadly sins and tell you how it applies to mobile programming and app development companies.

Unfortunately, many developers out there fall prey to Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy or Pride. This is something that we are definitely trying to avoid here at Developers Global especially since, interestingly enough, some of these sins may even prove to have beneficial aspects to them. It is all a matter of approaching the subject from the right angle and if you don’t know how to go about this, the “DO“ will quickly turn into a “DON’T“. But enough talk, let’s talk about the first sin and how it influences software development companies.


In the IT world, this sin is best characterized by a company’s will to have their clients lust over their products. Initially, this may seem like a good thing and I won’t deny that it can return good short term results. In order to have your clients lust for your products you will have to offer perfection time and time again and while impeccable software development is one of our main goals, we are also doing our best to avoid the downfall that constant perfection seeking can bring.

For example, many companies make the mistake of trying to endlessly perfect their products and end up taking so long that by the time they’re finished, they come out with an outdated product made obsolete by other slightly flawed but highly innovative ones. A lot of times innovation beats perfection so knowing what to focus on is key within this environment.

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