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Application Development Sins

6. Envy

Just two more and we have our complete list of Deadly Application Development Sins. Today we take a look at the penultimate one, Envy, which unfortunately is ubiquitous in software development, regardless of branch. Mobile programming, desktop application development, web development, no matter where you look you are guaranteed to find firms and companies poking around in their neighbors’ yard and being envious of their accomplishments.

It’s true that this habit also has a constructive side as it can stimulate and drive developers to try harder and surpass their contenders. It’s called competition and it’s very healthy for ongoing developments. However, more often than not, especially when it comes small or medium firms, envy has a detrimental effect on software development and here is why.

What usually happens is that companies become too focused on what the competition is doing and are sidetracked from their initial goals and projects. Moreover, some will even try to replicate their contender’s developments which undoubtedly leads to inefficient workflows and sub-par products.

The best thing to do for any company in order to avoid this kind of situation is to stick to what they do best. After all, doing only one thing, let’s say Facebook or Desktop and Mobile Development, but doing it really well is a great way to create a solid brand that’s instantly recognizable due to its trademark activity.

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