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Application Development Sins

5. Wrath

Today I realized that this week is almost over and we’ve yet to take a look at another deadly sin and see how it applies to software development. So, without further ado I give you the fifth on the list: Wrath.

Wrath is often described as rage or anger and I can definitely see how these two extreme feelings can have a damaging impact on application development. Programmers usually develop these destructive emotions when being faced with numerous coding errors at once that appear unsolvable. Those of you that have some programming background know exactly what I’m talking about.

This is because many times solutions that seem viable for a certain problem actually cause other issues within the architecture of an application. If this happens frequently, even the calmest of people will get frustrated and angry which will put a serious dent in productivity. We at Developers Global are aware of this so our team of programmers always takes precautionary measures to avoid this.

For example we always make sure to include as many additional comments as needed into our code so that there’s no room for confusion. Also, we often split application development projects into several parts and review each of them thoroughly upon completion before focusing on the next one. This is our own way to avoid careless errors that could lead to frustration and anger and so far it works perfectly.

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