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Application Development Sins

4. Sloth

This week we’re going to take another in-depth look at one of the 7 deadly sins and try to understand how it can affect software development. The next one on our list is Sloth, and I am not talking about the animal with the same name even though if you take a closer look at it you will easily understand that it’s the perfect embodiment for this sin and that you could even link it to software development.

Some of you may think this is nonsense and that there’s no way to throw wild animals into the website and desktop application development mix. Well, I was also one of you until I decided to watch a short clip portraying the Sloth’s daily activity. I strongly encourage you to do the same and after you’re done, imagine a software developer behaving and working like the Sloth does.

It’s the kind of sight that keeps app development entrepreneurs and customers up at night and for reasons easily understandable. Let’s get one thing straight though, sloth is not laziness, it’s indolence, apathy and an overall state of lethargy. I want to make this clear because there is a huge difference between laziness and all the other three on the list and as you will see, being lazy can actually have its benefits.

Now, when it comes to the other behavioral flaws, an indolent and lethargic programmer is probably the worst thing that you could have on your development team. Such people simply don’t care about quality and only do enough to keep themselves afloat. On the other hand, a lazy but smart programmer (and these two go hand in hand more than you suspect) will always try to come up with new ways to make his work simpler, thus keeping the innovation process going.

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