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Application Development Sins

2. Gluttony

Today I want to continue my list of the Seven Deadly Sins of software development by taking a look at the second one, Gluttony and seeing how it relates to the creation of applications and websites. Some of you may not be familiar with this term so first let’s check out its origins and meaning. If you are in any way interested in our app contest, you will also find some valuable information below.

The word “Gluttony” is derived from the Latin “gluttire” which means swallowing or gulping down. This term is used to describe the action of over-indulging oneself to such a degree that it becomes a waste. Unfortunately, this is exactly what some software development companies are doing nowadays and its definitely something that we will stay clear off when developing applications.

When it comes to gluttony within the IT environment, there are two main things that are often overlooked and wasted: resources and battery life. Because developers are spoiled by computer manufacturers nowadays and get to play around with huge amounts of resources, they simply forget about the efficiency of their applications or just don’t care anymore. In fact, this is still highly important and here is why.

You might have heard about “server virtualization”. In case you didn’t, it’s the process of creating several virtual machines with different operating systems, all running on a single physical machine. This makes it possible to execute different tasks simultaneously, one for each virtual machine, so that no resources go to waste.

As such, it’s only logical that if you’re working with highly efficient applications that use a reduced amount of resources, running a significant number of them simultaneously will be a breeze. Keep in mind that resource consumption will be an important factor when judging the app contest entries later this year.

To make matters even worse, a high demand of computing resources automatically means a higher battery usage. Couple this with mobile programming and you’ve got yourself a problem. It is a known fact that battery life for mobile devices isn’t really keeping up with their computational power so creating efficient apps becomes imperative. This is also something that will be taken into account during the Developers Global App contest 2012 but as long as you’ve got yourself an app that runs on fewer resources, you shouldn’t worry about it.

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