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Apple becoming a simple niche player while Android takes over

What first seemed like very little to worry about is now giving Apple officials nightmares. I am of course talking about Android’s market share in the Smartphone sector.

Sure, if you could go around and ask about it you are going to hear all sorts of answers and logical explanations from fans and officials alike backing up the Cupertino based company but no matter how they sugar-coat it, the truth remains the same: Android is now the undeniable smart-phone authority and they also have numbers to back it up.

I can’t really say I am surprised about this since all the Android smart-phone manufacturers offer much cheaper products that are equal in performance and only slightly behind in build quality. Then there’s also the flexibility lack of the iPhone. Owners don’t get a say about the phone’s battery or memory and everything that goes in and out of the device has to be filtered through iTunes.

Most people usually ignore this at first as they are usually captured by the stunning design of the product. However, this kind of impediments can become really annoying over time and a strong incentive to cross over and join the competition.

But anyway, many times it all boils down to personal preferences. As such, let’s have a look at the numbers I was telling you about earlier because correct math is still the most precise science and leaves no room for debates. According to numbers released by analyst companies last week, Samsung now holds 35% of the smart-phone market share. It shipped 56 million Galaxy S3 devices alone.

Apple sold only 27 million iPhones over the same period of time. Not bad, right ? Well, when factoring in all the other Android Smartphone manufacturers and the other Samsung products we get a whooping 136 million devices shipped. That’s 5 times more than what Apple managed to sell. Actually, during the third quarter of 2012 Android’s total sales were greater than the total number of smart-phones sold in 2007, regardless of brand or operating system.