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  • Another Apple lawsuit but this time they’re on the other side of the prosecution

Another Apple lawsuit but this time they’re on the other side of the prosecution

Karma is sometimes a funny thing. Most of us go on with our daily lives not caring about what we do and how it could backfire on us but in the end we usually get what’s coming to us. Well, this is also true in the harsh environment of corporate software development.

It seems like only yesterday Samsung had to fork up billions of dollars and hand them over to Apple after losing the patent lawsuits but now, the Cupertino Company may have to give up some profits of their own.

Apple and Microsoft Devices secured by Intertrust

This month Apple was sued by Intertrust Technologies, a software development digital rights company jointly owned by Philips and Sony for allegedly infringing fifteen different patents related to software development for mobile device security.

As Intertrust claims, almost all of Apple’s flagship devices including the iPad, iPod, iPhone, laptops and even the Apple Store make use of the cyber security technologies developed and patented by the Sony/Philips joint venture.

This isn’t the first time Intertrust takes legal action against a big corporation. In 2004 Microsoft had no choice but to settle after also being sued for infringing patents. The software development company licensed the technologies in the end but it cost them over $430 millions.

Double the Excitement, triple the pay

The fact that Microsoft had to settle for such a large sum is a clear indicator that Intertrust is not to be joked with. Apple has every reason to worry about the outcome of the legal prosecutions.
Moreover, if Intertrust lawyers manage to prove that the infringement was done willfully and deliberately, the damages would be tripled.

Reactions from Apple spokesmen are awaited but to no avail just yet. Well, unfortunately, this is becoming typical of Apple. When they know they copied something, they simply don’t mention it so people don’t find out.

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