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Agile Software Development I

Heavyweight Software Development

If you were surprised by the title, don’t worry, you are still on a software development Blog. I am not talking about a boxing match here and I’m also not trying to decide which weight category is the most exciting one to watch. There were enough boxing references in my Internet Explorer 10 series.
This post is actually the first of a series depicting the Agile Software Development method and its advantages. I’ve decided to do this since this is the main software development method used by us here at Developers Global and it is also widely recognized as the best all around. I am going to start with a short description of heavyweight software development commonly known as the “waterfall method”.

Heavyweight / Waterfall software development

The name of this software development method comes from the waterfall-like planning and execution of every project. The image above depicts this software development perfectly and also paints a pretty accurate picture of why it is called the way it is.

The main principle behind waterfall software development is breaking up the entire project in separate segments and finishing each one entirely before moving on to the next. Advocates of this software development method claim that this saves a lot of time and that it enables for a clear workflow that goes on unencumbered by small and often trivial tasks.

Well, much like communism, this is sounds great and works great…on paper that is. In the real world, things are different and proper software development has proved time and time again to be a much more complex task that can’t be done by simply following a spreadsheet. More on this in later posts as we break down agile software development and also compare the two.